Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Decorative Fireplaces.

Like many people who live in charming vintage homes or apartments we have a non-working fireplace
(Actually I was told could make it work but it'd be a huge fire hazard & we don't want to deal with that.)

So now we have a dilemma- 
What to do with the interior of said fireplace.
 Here are some ideas I dug up... 

{ 1 } { 2 } { 3 } { 4 }

Candles. Mirrors. Books. Wood. Oh my! 
Lots of options but I'm not so sure any of them knock my socks off. 
 The Husband suggested plants, I suggested a nifty hanging lamp of sorts, maybe like this one.
I also saw this idea once where there was just a basket of Christmas lights in the firebox. That was kinda cool...
I guess we could always just put a chair in front of it. Though that seems kinda like a cop out. 

What do you think?



Melanie's Randomness said...

I love the mirror idea!! It's really pretty & opens up the space!! The candles would be cute for Christmas!!

PoetessWug said...

I personally love the mirror in the area where the fireplace would be, but I have friends who bought one of those faux fireplaces that look like you have a fire in there, and they put off heat, but it's not an actual working fireplace. It looked real. I loved it!...Just a thought!

Sarah B. said...

Love the wood! Yvestown did that too (in a more colorful space) and it looks just as great.

D&D said...

looooove the book idea. i never have enough shelf space so that seems perfect.

Anonymous said...

Love the books idea!!! Definitely would want that in my home.

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