Friday, September 10, 2010


Hello lovelies, I feel like I kinda owe you an apology & an explanation.
I've been uber lazy in updating the blog lately- sorry...
{ Me sitting by the pond on the grounds of our family cabin a few weeks ago }

I've just had a lot on my mind & on my "To Do" list as far as getting ready for Baby Fry goes.
Plus I've definitely been in a major funk when it comes to blogging, I just haven't felt like it. 

I hear & I've read from other bloggers that this is sort of a "normal" thing so I guess I'm "normal", right?

I know I'll be back in full swing at sometime in the near future, I'm just not there yet.
So like I said,  I just felt like I kinda owed you a lil' apology & an explanation.
Thanks for hanging out & visiting my lil' blog even while it is currently lacking. 


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Leslie @ every good and perfect said...

Oh girl, don't sweat it! You have a lot on your plate, and *everyone* needs a break at some point. I hope getting ready for baby has been fun!
My blog is kind of in transition mode right now, and I'm figuring out / changing a lot of stuff, so I feel ya on the blogging funk front.

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