Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby Soft-Maps by Haptic Lab.

Oh my, oh my, OH MY!
I just spotted these awesome map quilts via Joanna Goddard & I'm in love! 
Are they not awesome?! Haptic Lab really has something good going on here if I must say...

Plus, daydream & wish list create with me here...
Baby Fry is going to be born at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia-
 The nation's first hospital btw! (if everything goes according to plan that is)

So how awesome would it be to get a Baby Soft-Map for 
Baby Fry of Philadelphia customized with Baby Fry's name or initials on it 
& then the hospital as a landmark (a few other historical landmarks too) & ready for this one... 
the route we end up driving on the big day to get to the hospital mapped out as well?!

 I think that sounds pretty flippin' awesome! 
Ok I'm adding it to the Baby Fry wish list - NOW!

For more from Haptic Lab or to get a custom quilt
of your own head on over here.



PoetessWug said...

I know, huh?!! I saw Joanna's post earlier today! I never thought about what a great new mommy gift it would be though!!! How great your ideas about what to map are!! That price is pretty awesome too!!! Yeah! Get it on your list right now and tell your friends about it! Maybe 3 or 4 of them can get together and give you and baby frye the gift that will keep on giving! (Crib throw, lap blanket, wall hanging, framed art, etc...) :-)

D&D said...

too precious! i'd love an nyc one.

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