Friday, March 25, 2011

Guest Post : Looking Chic While Pregnant.

{ By Adrienne

Nowadays, there are so many cute maternity clothes, there is no reason you cannot look chic & fabulous while you are pregnant.  What I have discovered recently is that the current style is long and flowy, so you can even find regular clothes to wear, which is cost efficient!

While we are on the topic of being cost efficient, some maternity clothes are SO expensive!  The trick is to find the sales or go to places that you know have good quality clothes for a decent price.  I am only 14 weeks pregnant but I have had a TON of friends who have had babies recently, so they have given me some tips...  

1.  Motherhood Maternity clothes shrink so either air dry or buy a size/length that has room to shrink.
2. The GAP Sale rack usually has some awesome deals on tank tops & casual shirts.
3. Get a GOOD pair of jeans! This would be the one thing to spend a decent amount of money on.
4. Some H&M stores have a maternity section with nice work clothes.
5. Sign up for coupons & email lists- often you'll get the scoop on deals & coupons no one else does. 
6. Liz Lange’s collection at Target is cute & priced well- great for basics. 

Here are some of my favorite outfits:

I really like this Motherhood Maternity dress
Wouldn't it look super cute with a black cardigan?
 Plus this would be a great dress for work too!

GAP Graphic Lace T is sweet 

& on sale for only $19.99!

I really like these basic 

{Posted by Adrienne of Destination Diva

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Katie said...

The striped shirt from the Gap is so cute, especially as maternity wear!

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