Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Puffer Fish.

A while ago while at a pet supply store I spotted the cutest puffer fish! 
I know what you are thinking- "a fish, cute?!"
 I'm telling you it was. Actually it was cute enough that The Husband agreed 
& we actually had a short discussion about purchasing an aquarium just to get it. 
Then we found out our lil' puffer friend needed a salt water tank & we moved on. 

Anyway, when I spotted this Charlie Harper Puffer Fish Sauce Dish 
on Fishs Eddy it made me think back to that cute lil' puffer... 
Hmmm perhaps this is a way better way to get a cute 
puffer fish in our house without a huge salt water tank!? 

Check out the rest of Charlie Harper + Todd Oldham 
exclusive line with Fishs Eddy Ceramics here.


1 comment:

PoetessWug said...

Yeah, he's a cutie...and will cost you less work and money to own! :-]

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