Wednesday, August 17, 2011


{ Photograph spotted here via flickr }

I've been neglecting you, blog. I know I have. It is just lately, there are things I've been enjoying a little bit more when I actually have the energy to enjoy things & for that I'm sorry. You don't deserve it. I promise to pay more attention to you soon, real soon. Promise. In fact, I feel that the creative slump I've been in for a good while is over. So get ready. We are about to embark on some good times. Maybe I'll even treat you to a fancy new look. I still love you & always will. 

Me + You + Internet = awesomeness.


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in morse code said...

oh please post your birth story! I would like to hear more of how normal labors go so I can actually consider getting pregnant again. (if your's was "normal".)share!

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