Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Guest Post : Every Good & Perfect

Chase those winter blues away... 
{ A Guest Post by Leslie }

With long days of blustery weather, endless grey skies, and so much 
time spent inside, sometimes winter can be a tad hard on the soul. 
Granted, my husband and I live in Texas, so we really have it pretty easy. 
However, I do feel for my friends who live up north. 

For those times when you long to go outside without five layers of 
clothing on, or dream of warm sunshine on your face, here are 
some bright and encouraging Etsy goodies to cheer you up!
Beauty print by Erin Jane Shop }

Spring Always Comes embroidered wall art by September House }

{ We Belong Together print by Handz }

Painted Mustache Mugs by Hart of Stone }

{ City Living print by Laura Amiss }

Hot Air Balloons print by Kathy Panton on Etsy }

I’m SO happy to be guest-posting for Ashley 
and I hope that you enjoy these!



PoetessWug said...

What great picks! I'm all sunny again...Now I just have to stay away from my wintry window. :-))

Nicole* said...

the mustache mugs are too cute!

Katie said...

I adore the City Living art piece. So precious!

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