Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Shower (Details) Photographs.

So The Baby Shower was a few weeks ago but I'd be remiss if I did not 
share with you the wonderful details that everyone worked so hard on... 
I was absolutely SMITTEN with the floral arrangements! 
Can you believe that my momma handmade every single one? 
The best part? The containers are vintage & are actually from when myself & my 
younger brother were born. My momma kept them all these years- SO awesome!
Even better the roses dried out perfectly & some of the flowers are still alive & making me smile daily.
The Sister-in-Law made these amazing baby cupcakes which ended up being the dessert for 
the shower & decoration too since she came up with a wonderful display for them... 
She is truly talented, no!? I keep telling her she needs to go into business or something. 
She made all the batter & icing from scratch too so they were truly scrumptious! 

Speaking of scrumptious... the food was to die for. 
The shower ended up being at this quaint lil' restaurant that I had 
never been to, The Parkside American Grille & let me tell you, the food was fabulous! 

Plus my momma made the cutest lil' menus 
so every guest got to choose their main entree...
(I had the Parkside Eggs Benedict- YUM!)
As for the favors, my momma made up these cute lil' bags full of goodies
 & I requested that we do "Wishes For Baby" cards for us to keep. 
(An idea which I spotted & borrowed from The Lil' Bee.)
Some of my favorite answers include:

"I hope you learn to be a loving & wise girl."
"I hope you love the simple things in life."
"I hope you laugh big belly laughs & enjoy life to the fullest!"
"I hope you recognize that God is in control & He is good."

I can't wait to share all the wishes with her someday...
It was such a lovely shower, we are SO blessed!



Kayla said...

Looks so great. Love the flowers.

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PoetessWug said...

WOW!! Your little one is going to be surrounded by talent and love!...What a fortunate baby! :-]

Blogger said...

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