Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Weekend.

{ Baby G & I sharing smiles earlier this week. }

Can you believe it? I am a mom! Me, a momma?! Jeepers!

The Husband & I were discussing yesterday on our way to Baby G's 2 month doctor 
appointment how things are, now here in 2011. After a while, we dialed in on the subject
 "if you had told me ten years ago I'd be... " & filled in the blank with various things. 

It got me to thinking. If you had told me ten years ago, actually even less, that I'd be a Momma here, now at 26 in 2011, I wouldn't have believed you. You see I never really wanted children. Scratch that. Let me rephrase. I only EVER wanted children under one condition- that they were with The Husband. Yep, he was & is the only man I've ever even entertained the idea of children with. 

So as you can imagine, I'm feeling pretty darn blessed that here
 I am- married to the love of my life & enjoying our daughter with him. Wow. 

Even better is how much she looks like him. Sure she has a few of my traits - my nose, my eyes (kinda)... but for the most part she is Daddy's girl & I love that. I love that when I look at her I not only see him but I also catch a glimpse at the perfect combination of us wrapped up into one little bundle of sheer joy.  I love her smiles, her giggles, her chubby cheeks & even her frowns & cries of frustration. She is awesome & I thank God every day that I get to be a participant in this grand plan of His 
& that I get to be a momma. All of it truly is so beyond me & my plans & that is pretty cool.

So whatever it is you are up to this weekend, I hope you enjoy it . 
But most of all, I hope you take a moment to reflect & to thank God 
(& your Mom) for bringing you into the world & giving you life. 


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Nicole* said...

Happy Mother's Day Ashley!

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