Friday, October 14, 2011

Seven Months.

E-gads! Can you believe it has been just over seven months since our little Gracie Girl entered our lives? I literally feel like I blinked & BAM - here it is. 

Time definitely moves a bit too fast for my taste these days but I gotta tell ya, it is SO awesome to watch her grow & reach milestones. (Like right now, she is slithering around the house &  just before that she was sitting up & "reading" her books all by herself) Le sigh- I love our baby!

Speaking of our baby... would you want to hear her birth story? Seven months later I am still debating putting it out there for public consumption. To me it doesn't seem all that "outside the box" as far as births go, but according to most women I tell, the common reaction is: "that is CRAZY!"

I tend to think that is just because it was a natural birth (which apparently is a rare thing these days). So maybe that in and of itself is a good reason to tell tell my story? Plus now that I think of it, if telling my story can encourage just one woman to go the au natural route (SO worth it if you can do it!) it is definitely worth telling...

So, don't be shy & please let me know your thoughts. I really value your opinion!


{ Photo taken with my iPhone via the Instagram App }


{molly beth} said...

This picture is so beautiful. She's a doll.


Anonymous said...

I did the 100% complete natural route as well! Much easier recovery in my opinion :)

in morse code said...

yes you should share. i wish i could have gone the natural i would like to hear your experience!

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