Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday Dreams.

My family & friends keep asking,
 "What do you want for your birthday?"

 I keep saying the same thing,
 "Money for a camera or hey if you are feeling particularly spunky
 & generous an actual camera or umm three would be great!"

In order of want or should I say need (at least I think so) here are 
the three cameras I would love to get my lil' birthday girl fingers on!


How bout' you my lovebugs?
 Is there a camera your dying to get a chance to play with?
 Or maybe you already have one you can't live without? 
Do tell!



Leslie @ everygoodandperfect said...

Ooooh fun!
I have a fuji instax mini and it's a BLAST!

Nicole* said...

a holga!

Ashley Lynn Fry said...

@Leslie - glad to hear you like your instax! Fingers crossed I can get one soon too...

@Nicole* - ahh yes a holga would be AMAZING! Do you have one?


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