Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh hey, remember me?

Hellooooo lovebugs!
My deepest apologies for neglecting you for the past few weeks...
{ Via Banter Banner

As you may have read in my last post we've had just a few technical difficulties over here
& once I finally received a new MacBook (thanks insurance) I quickly discovered 
that the wireless internet didn't work in our whole house. Ugh. 

Add to it that our mobile (& only) phones don't work too well either
 & it begins to look like we are basically living in a technological black hole- ha!
So needless to say it has been very interesting.

But thankfully things are starting to look up
 & blogging will now resume at its regularly scheduled pace. (yay!)

Thanks for sticking it out, you are fabulous

P.S. - isn't that banner flippin' sweet? Check out the rest of Banter Banners' offerings here


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