Friday, May 14, 2010

A Forrest Wedding.

I spotted this forrest wedding by Duet Weddings over on Once Wed 
& well, I can't stop looking at the photographs!
Every time I look at them I notice a new detail; 
a feather here, a sweet flower there, 
a vintage goblet,  a filament lightbulb... 
(ya'll know how much I LOVE those)
The whole thing is just absolutely STUNNING!
 I know I am already married but- WOW!  
If I could re-do our wedding in the spring, 
 I'd probably beg all the vendors & designers to help me replicate this one
It is just like an amazing wooded dream that I wish I was a part of. 
Honestly I guess I am just waiting to see lil' birds help hang the lights & tie strings 
& a deer or two to show up to lend their antlers as coat racks for guests a-la Cinderella. 
For more photographs & info on this lil' gem head on over to Once Wed.
 & for a full vendor list & a lil video click here.


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