Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine.

I overslept this morning. Our bed was just too comfy to get out of.
 Then I spotted it, a spider. On the ceiling. Directly above our bed. EW! 
I highly dislike spiders & I can't stand it when they are above me. 
(weird I know, I think they are going to fall on me I guess) 

So I put on my glasses & made the bed. 
(I didn't want that sucker falling & getting caught up in the sheets or in my eyes) 
I grabbed some spider killing instruments & I smashed him. 
With two layers of tissue & my "To Do" list between us that lil' sucker still didn't die.
Instead my worst fear,  he fell onto the bed. Eeeek!
 Half alive & squirming I smashed him again & said "sorry mister spider, today just isn't your day
I ran to the bathroom, arm outstretched & squeezing the tissue as hard as I could so he couldn't escape.
I flushed him. Bye bye creepy spider above our bed. 
Don't judge me, he had fangs, I swear. 

As much as I dislike spiders, I guess  he did serve as a pretty decent alarm clock.

Good morning sunshines of mine. 
Anything interesting happen to you this morning?



Anonymous said...

Hahahaha omg I can def relate to this! I hate spiders they're so creepy like ugly deadly supermodels with their long legs eeekk! Ofcourse I'm the girl who runs screaming from them as if they were godzilla!



Arielle said...

Camp spiders in the craft pavilion....AHHH EWWW!

hearblack. said...

you've got such a great blog!
great inspiration, really

just sent off a little package for you today!.. hope you enjoy it

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