Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa's Workshop (kinda).

My apologies for neglecting the blog this week...
 I've been a very busy lady working in Santa's or should I say my workshop; baking cookies, 
making hot chocolate mix, wrapping presents, you know the usual Christmas fan fare. 

Here is what my "workshop" (aka kitchen) currently looks like... 
Poor Olivia (the goldfish) she is surrounded by Christmas cookies & can't even have one!

I hope you are having a wonderful day... 
I'm off to make some more things & watch Breakfast at Tiffany's while I do so. 
 Stay tuned if you'd like, I plan on sharing how I made our Christmas card 
& what Christmas around our house looks like this year, either later today or tomorrow!

PS - special thanks to my fab SIL for helping me bake off several batches of cookies yesterday... 
Plus she decorated the gingerbread men & women very well which was a HUGE help.



Em-Jae said...

Chalkboard door?! Awesomeness.

Leslie @ every good and perfect gift said...

Your kitchen is SOOOO cool! Agreed, the chalkboard door is wonderful! Merry, merry Christmas friend!

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