Monday, April 26, 2010

Good News & Bad News.

I don't know about you but when given the choice of good news or bad news first, 
I always go with the bad first because then the good brightens it up on the end. 

That is logical right? It seems logical for me anyway...
{ Via tinywhitedaises

So here is the BAD news -
 I busted my MacBook during our move this weekend.
 Major bummer & sigh. I dropped my baby & she isn't working too well anymore. Sad day.
So blogging with the speed & the content I wished may not be possible for a bit... 

But some GOOD news is-
 Since we bought the house we purchased computer insurance
 to go with our homeowners so I am covered. 

Ready for more GOOD news? 
We are in the new house
It took a lot of work & a bit of stress but we are in 
& now the process of unpacking begins. 

Want even more GOOD news? 
We have a lilac bush full of blooms like the one pictured above right off our back deck. 
This makes me a happy girl. The scent is awesome. 

Happy Monday! 
I hope you had a stellar weekend!



Kayla said...

Wow! I love the lilacs. Also congrats on getting into the new house and the computer fixed. Both ridiculously stressful things I've been through. So worth it when you're finished!

Anonymous said...

How great! That house is just incredibly adorable! Can't wait to see more updates about it!

Barbara said...

I had no idea they sold computer insurance. I should get some considering my whole life is on my laptop!

from lara said...

aw those flowers are beautiful!

Jonesy said...

Hope you had a nice day! Happy Monday

the southern hostess said...

That photo is lovely!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

happy to find your blog. oh so lovely.
And your macbook:( sad. computer insurance is smart!
Congrats on the new home!

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