Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dog Days Are Over.

If you are like me you've probably caught snippets of this songvia various television commercials, 
movie trailers or even at the grocery store. Every time I hear it I think how much I like it. 

So today I finally figured out the title, "Dog Days Are Over" 
by Florence & The Machine & listened to the whole song... 
It is safe to say it is now my current favorite. I even bought it on iTunes... 
What do you think?

I just love finding new artists, 
or at least new artists to me!



D&D said...

looooove that song!
ever listen to dr. dog or monsters of folk?

SMB said...

Florence & the Machine = AMAZING. I concur with Dr Dog, but also check out Mumford and Sons :) Love ya

lehi + sasha said...

oh my gosh. i can't express my love for florence.

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