Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Weekend.

Happy weekend lovebugs!
What fabulous things do you have planned?
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As for us, we'll be attending a family reunion/wedding anniversary party of sorts for 
The Husband's side of the family.  I am kinda excited to meet some extended 
family members from my mother-in-law's side that even my father-in-law never has! 

We are also hoping to find out some really happy news from our close friends... 
(fingers crossed & lots of prayers!)

Whatever you do this weekend, I hope you enjoy it!


1 comment:

jackiek said...

sounds like such a fun weekend!
i love your blog- it's such a happy place!
i'm seeing my friend today who i've known since i was 2! and then tomorrow i work all day. have a great weekend!

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