Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vintage Photographs.

Are these not the cutest vintage beach photographs?! 
Oh my, I just love them!
This past weekend we went to a 60 year wedding anniversary party for The Mother-in-Laws, Aunt & Uncle. 
In fact the photographs are of the couple when they were newly weds enjoying the beach... circa 60 years ago!

Ready for the best part? She made her bikini! Yup, that is right,  it is completely handmade!
She told me the story of how she crocheted the whole thing, tested it out in the shower at home
 but still managed to have the top pop off when a big wave came up & splashed her...


I just love family photographs & stories, don't you?



D&D said...

they are totally precious. i love those shots - and that bikini!

jackiek said...

what gorgeous photographs!

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