Thursday, March 18, 2010

Buy Ketchup In May...

Have you heard of this book!?
Oh my gosh what a brilliant idea! 
One I wish I'd thought of...
 but since I didn't I'll be buying it- tee hee hee

It is filled with tips & times 
to buy things & do things followed by the why, such as...

-When is the best time of the day to buy shoes?
"Late afternooon. That's when your feet have swelled & they are at their largest size."

That makes perfect sense to me, how bout you?
As for the ketchup...
 May is the best time because grocers are pushing
 condiments for prime picnic time like memorial day etc. 
So ketchup, mustard & the like goes on sale to get you in the store!

& as for flying at noon... 
much like vehicle rush hour air traffic is the same.
 Less traffic on the highways translates to less traffic on the runways too! 

Awesome. I will be buying this book. How bout you?
I mean who doesn't like little tips like this that 
save you not only money but time as well?
(Plus the cover is cool & kinda vintage looking, no?)



Anonymous said...

Come on... didn't your mother ever tell you some of that? Of course the best time to try on shoes is late in the day. This from a former shoe salesperson!!! LOL

Karena said...

How fun, I had not heard of this book, sounds wonderful!! I love the title of your blog, my philosophy as well..
come follow, I am waiting on the paint to dry for my next giveaway. Tell your friends

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