Friday, March 12, 2010

Dog Proof Garden?

I know I am jumping the gun a bit here but I just love gardening & being outside
 & now that spring is springing & we move into our new house 
in a little over a month I'm constantly dreaming of what to do with our yard...

I know I really want to have a veggie & herb garden this summer 
but I also know our oh so mischievous Piper Dog will get into it!

Maybe a raised bed like this will help keep her out?
The how-to via Sunset appears easy enough 
& supposedly it will only cost $172!

I also spotted this awesome living wall - how cool! 
I'm thinking it may be way cooler then a traditional fence
 & it will allow for lots of green in our yard but also will keep Piper Dog in. 
The only problem I see is that we live on the east coast... 
So what will it look like in the winter? Dead? 
Ugh. Maybe it won't work here. But it sure is cool!

What do you think? 
Any chic yet simple (& cost effective) ideas for keeping curious 
& mischievous puppies from trampling & ingesting every lil' thing in your yard or garden?


1 comment:

Nicole* said...

the living wall is beautiful!
I always love when people have really large vases full of flowers, ones that you would not be able to move once they were full of dirt - so maybe doggie couldn't knock them over either!


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