Friday, March 19, 2010

Lovely Idea.

Maybe I am the only one but I just love the look of fresh flowers in glass canning jars.
So when I spotted this photo over on The Ritzy Bee I thought, a-ha what a lovely idea!
There are several things I think you could do with these for a party...
One is, you could make the arrangements yourself 
& place them on the tables for a garden party, shower, wedding or get together.

Or you could leave bunches of fresh flowers on a side table with the jars as shown 
& allow the guests to create their own arrangements & then take them home as their favor at the end.

Wouldn't that be FUN? Plus it is super economical...  
If you plan ahead you can save the jars from various grocery items in your own home. 

For example the spaghetti sauce I buy comes in an atlas canning jar. 
I soak each jar in warm water to remove the labels & then run them through the dishwasher... 
I now have several lying around & they'd be perfect for something exactly like this
& if you don't save jars or have time to plan canning jars are pretty darn affordable. 

See, overall a lovely idea with lots of possibilities, right?


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jackiek said...

i love this post! and your blog... i just found it and it's so inspirational!


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