Wednesday, March 10, 2010

White Kitchens.

As you may know, the house is ours... 
So  now begins lil' old me asking for help from my lovely readers!
I  have so many design, decor & furniture placement ideas
 to get out of my head & just plain figure out 
& of course I want your thoughts, ideas & opinions!

Here we go...
This is the kitchen. 
We already know we are replacing the floor & probably the countertop
 (unless we come up with some design plan that works with blue... we aren't big blue fans)
The cabinets while white are in good condition so if we 
can make a white kitchen work there is really no need to replace.
FYI - there is room for us to have an eat-in kitchen 
& there is a door that goes out to our deck 
(you just can't see all of those things in the photo)

Enough of my rambling...
Have you ever head of the website Ideal Home?
Well it has become my new best friend!
Check out all the white kitchens I found in their Kitchen Gallery...

I think #1 & #4 are my favorite.
What do you think?

Also any ideas on how to make the blue countertop work? 
& am I just a weirdo because I like neutral, common colors 
for such things like tan, white, grey & black? 
tee hee hee

Thanks in advance for your help- you are all so lovely! 



Anonymous said...

I like anything that offers a splash of red in it for you because I know you and Gideon are big fans of red! I would say you could couple that with the blue countertop... but then your kitchen might look patriotic and I don't know if you're going for that look. Good luck with all the design ideas! I know you'll come up with something great!

Barbara said...

Like #1 the best, but I could see all of them working! Have you been to yet. That site gives me great ideas!

Ashley Lynn Fry said...

Thanks ladies! Yes splashes of red will probably make it into the decor ;)

& I'm heading over to now... been there before but forgot about it! LOL

Caitlyn said...

Definitely get a wooden countertop!
It would go so well with a big farmhouse sink and wood goes with everything!

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