Thursday, March 25, 2010


As you probably already know, I love me some J.Crew...
But when I spotted these gallery overalls on their site today,
 I thought to myself- "Are overalls really back!?"
If my memory serves me correctly the last time I wore overalls was 6th grade... so that was in the 90's!
I loved them then but I don't quite know if I could pull them off now? 
What do you think!? Would you rock a pair of overalls these days?



Kayla said...

I would totally rock a pair of short overalls. I don't know why... but I feel like I could do it!

from lara said...

agreed with kayla! i would rock a pair of the short ones in the summer :)

Ashley Lynn Fry said...

Ooo girls I didn't even think of short ones!? I think you are correct & I could prob pull that off too. Then again I don't have a tomboy body like I used to in 6th grade.. I have a bum now! LOL


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