Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Weekend.

 It is the weekend...
Happy. Happy. HAPPY!
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So how bout it, what are you up to this weekend? 
As for me- I am spending some time with my Momma tomorrow 
& other then that, as always, I am looking forward to spending time with The Husband.

I hope you have a super snazzy weekend.
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Summer Wedding - Kevin & Angelina.

I  loves me a good summer wedding.
Especially when it is outside & super intimate!
Since it just finished snowing & is bitter cold out I figured now was a great time to share with you 
some photographs from a FABULOUS outdoor summer wedding...

Kevin & Angelina are a lot like The Husband & myself- a military couple, ridiculously in love.
The similarities don't stop there though...
We  both used the same photographer (the amazing Isabel March) & we both had small, intimate weddings.
(oh & how could I forget!? Both of our weddings were featured here too)

I hope you enjoy their wedding photographs as much as I do... can't you just feel the love & the summer sun!?

They are awesome right!?  
Isn't Angelina gorgeous!?
 Oh & can we talk about those boots?!
 That dress!?  That headband?! 
Love. Love. Love.
Everything is great!

Oh yes, & the way they look at each other... it is LOVE


Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

You've probably already heard- it is snowing again here in the North East. 
Le Sigh. 
I'm longing for spring & summer more & more everyday...
Good thing I found these lovely little laterns to get me by with some warm & happy thoughts.
 They make me think of picnics that go past dusk, catching fireflies, Forth of July & outdoor weddings!
Aren't they just lovely
Made out of porcelain casts of Kerr Mason Jars these laterns
 by Pigeon Toe Ceramics give off the most lovely glow. 

I may just end up ordering some & setting them all over the house because
 hey if I can't have spring & summer just yet I can always try to re-create it inside right?

{ Special thanks to my brothers lady, Zana. She sent me the link that led this find. Thanks Lady! }


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vancouver 2010 - The Medals.

Maybe I am the only one but up until today 
I thought the Vancouver 2010 Olympic medals were kinda goofy looking... 
I remember sitting on the couch when The Husband & I first saw them & we both said out-loud,
"Whoa! Those are interesting!"
As The Games progressed we heard that they were created to resemble the "rolling hills of Vancouver".
Ok fair enough- but still a bit weird to me.
I honestly thought- "wow they look like someone ran them over with a mac truck!"
But then I heard two-time gold medalist Shaun White say-
 "the medals actually when put together form one big piece of art."
 What?!  Now that is more my speed! I had to find out more... 
(thank you google)

If you have a few minutes you MUST watch this video.
It is the artists Corrine Hunt Omer Arbel 
talking about the story behind the medals & how they created them.
Trust me, it will give you a whole new perspective on the medals & The Games themselves.
Not only did they create medals for the The Vancouver 2010 Olympic games
 but they also created the medals for the Paralympic games as well!
& as I found out from Shaun White, the medals are in-fact based on a larger master artworks...

contemporary aboriginal artwork reflecting
 an Orca Whale for the Olympic medals...

& a contemporary aboriginal artwork reflecting
 a Raven for the Paralympic medals...

Each medal has a unique, hand-cropped section of the artwork, making it a one-of-a-kind treasure.
Plus a silk scarf printed with the master artwork is also presented to each medalist
 which then enables them to see how their medal connects 
with those awarded to other athletes to make the design whole!

How awesome is that?!
I'm definitely taking back everything I said that was even remotely negative about the medals. 
The story behind them is great & the artists definitely put a lot of hard work 
& thought into having them reflect the true spirit of The Games..
With Glowing Hearts"

 (PS- now I want one... or at least a silk scarf.)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two become ONE.

Oh my- I just LOVE this.
It is true what they say about love, soul mates & marriage...
two do truly become one!
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I can just see this hanging somewhere in our home.
How bout you- does someone else make you feel whole? make your world go round?
& on a less serious note, would you hang something like this in your home?


Ice Cream & Pickles.

I know, I know another pregnancy photography shot?
But I mean come on...
How cute & thoughtful is this little set of photos?
I *heart* them! 
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(No I am not pregnant... I just really want to be, someday!)


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

100th Post Giveaway! (closed)

Hello lovely readers! Do you know what today is?
 ... my 100th post in 2010! Woo hoo! 

 My humble little blog is now a little more then two months old with 30 followers 
& counting & I'm loving every minute of blogging. 

So how should we celebrate
Since I can't have you all over for a dance party I thought the best way 
would be to do a giveaway of a few of my favorite things...  
If you've ever read my profile you know - I *heart* Vintage Tea Cups & Earl Grey Tea!

So here we go-
I picked up this lil' beauty of a tea cup & saucer set a bit ago... 
it is super cute with gold trim & a very light blue glaze. 
Plus on the bottom it is stamped with this lil' guy- he's kinda cute & quirky huh?

Since this set is in good enough condition to actually drink out of 
I thought I'd also giveaway one of my favorite Earl Grey teas to sweeten the pot...
So the winner of the giveaway will also be receiving a box of 
Trust me it is awesome, very soothing and yummy with a hint of lavender!
So now I bet you are wondering...  how can I enter & what are the rules?

1. Leave a comment telling me one of your favorite things along with a valid email address.
2. Become a follower! & then submit an additional comment telling me you've become one. 
(if you already are a follower then leave a comment saying you already are. PS- thanks!)

So there ya go!
Thanks for being with me thus far- here's to more blogging 
& more giveaways in the future!
Good luck & lots of LOVE

I'll be closing the giveaway at 11:59pm EST on Tuesday March 2nd 
so hurry, hurry, hurry...


Monday, February 22, 2010

George the Great Dane.

Have you seen this guy!? He is HUGE!
 Meet George the Great Dane...
 He is 7'3" from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail
& he weighs 245 lbs.  That is about 100 pounds heavier than the average Great Dane!

& yes he is REAL! Here he is on Oprah today...
Oh my & oh what FUN! 
Can you imagine trying to play tug-o-war with this guy? What a workout!


Cheese Poster Love.

I  love cheese- A LOT
 & I probably eat way more then I should but it just tastes so good, gosh darn it!

What do you think of this poster? 
If I were to hang it in our kitchen, will it satisfy my cravings 
or make me just want to eat cheese even more?!


Vintage Books.

I've always had a fascination with vintage things. Especially vintage books!
The way they feel in your hands. Knowing that someone else loved them, read them
 & held onto them for quite sometime & maybe even read them aloud to a loved one... 
Sigh- it is just awesome to me (& I kinda like the way they smell too- am I weird?)
Anyway, imagine how thrilled I was last Monday when I found a bunch of vintage books 
in excellent condition while vintage hunting with my grandmother...

I really love all of them but trust me, I have enough stuff in our house there isn't a whole lot of room to add more.
So if you are like me & have a love of vintage books you could make these beauties all your own!
 All of them (plus a few more) are currently listed in my shop along with some other great vintage finds.

& if you don't particularly love vintage books... what DO you love?
Let me know - I love hearing about what other people collect or just find plain charming. 

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