Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Bathroom - After.

Thankfully I was able to finish the bathroom paint job in one day! 
Woot! Woot! Thanks for the thoughts & prayers btw. 
My back was killing me after, but it was well worth it. Here are the results...
It may be a bit hard to tell but we went for a blue-gray color 
scheme ended up choosing Martha Stewart's, Schoolhouse Slate
 for the lower part of the walls known previously as ugly jade green tile.

As for the top we went with more of Martha's paint 
& chose Cumulus Cloud, a lighter gray.

Overall I'm very happy with the results.
 Plus I found a sweet Typography shower curtain from 
Target this afternoon & some dark gray towels to finish it all off. 



Thursday, September 23, 2010

Around Here.

Today I am busy painting our bathroom. 
Our ugly, jade green & black tiled bathroom that 
despite most of our friends & family saying it is "not that bad", we hate. 

Sorry guys, it is just not our style & isn't your home supposed to be a reflection of you?
So tootles ugly green tile & mis-matched bathroom textiles/linens.
We will not miss you & we cannot wait to purchase new towels & 
a new shower curtain to enhance the bathrooms new look!

Stay tuned for after photographs & send me some good thoughts 
& maybe a few prayers too. I'm really hoping I can finish in one day vs two.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goodbye Summer.

Summer ends in a few short minutes... at least here on the east coast.
Ta-ta summer, I will miss you but I must admit I am oh, so ready for fall...
{ Spotted on Design is Mine via Flickr }

Bring it on fall!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Anyone for a Wafflesicle?

I've been craving breakfast foods a lot lately. I blame Baby Fry.
In fact, we often have breakfast for dinner... 
Because well, that's just the way we roll over here. Hahaha. 

Wouldn't it be fabulous to enjoy waffles on a stick?
Or should I say, "Wafflesicles"?
I just think it would be uber fun to own one of these. I mean, imagine the possibilities...
 Fondue with wafflesicles, ice cream sundaes with wafflesicles, etc, etc, the list can go on & on. 
Via } 

Unfortunately despite my best attempts to find an affordable version of one 
of these babies for sale in the states, it doesn't appear there is one. 

 So, if you'd like to make your dream of wafflesicles a reality you will have to shell out 700+ euros, 
track one down somewhere in Europe via Triangular Concept & have it shipped to you. 

Ah well. We can dream right?


Monday, September 20, 2010

We No Speak Americano - Up & Over It.

Happy Monday! I discovered this lil' video this past weekend
 thanks to some facebook friends & I can't stop watching it, tis' very impressive!
If you are having a case of "the Mondays" it should certainly brighten your day... 
For more videos by Up & Over It check out their YouTube channel or their site.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Weekend.

Happy weekend lovebugs...
It feels like it has been a while since I wished you that! 
{ Unfortunately I don't recall where this lovely photograph came from, if you know please tell me. }

Anywho, I hope that you have a happy, happy weekend! 
I'm working on a few things around the house tonight 
& spending the day with my momma tomorrow. 
We are going to buy mums for our fall decor, I'm so excited!

Oh PS- I have a few things for sale on ebay if you are interested...
I really need & want to sell my massage table, this sony cyber-shot camera 
& I'm also accepting offers on a pair of 1/4 carat diamond stud earrings given to me by an ex boyfriend
He paid $600 for them, I'll take 1/2 that or less- make me an offer I can't refuse!

Ok, sorry. End shameless plug of my for sale items.
(if you have any questions or want to make a private offer not an ebay bid, email me)
I'm just really trying to make way for Baby Fry while making 
some extra cash to pay for all the baby things we need! 


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Change Your Shirt.

Have you checked out my lovely sponsor Fish Food Tees yet?
If not, now would be a good time as they are running a fabulous "Change Your Shirt" Sale! 
$5 off a long sleeve t-shirt! Woot! Woot!
(Pssst - if you order  more than one, you can save $5 off every shirt you order... Sweet deal!)

 Head on over to Fish Food Tees for more info 
or contact the lovely Nicole of FFT for more info.


DIY - Make Your Own Clouds

I love cloud gazing. Especially on days with absolutely perfect weather & a puffy cloud filled sky. 
Since those perfect days don't happen all the time wouldn't it be nice to make your own clouds?

I'm in love with this lil' make your own clouds DIY. I think it is just so darling.
 I may even make a few extra puffy ones to hang in Baby Fry's nursery...

For the full tutorial head on over here to Ohdeedoh by Apartment Therapy.



Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Inside.

I don't know about you but I'd very much like to be released
 into an IKEA after hours just like these 100 kitty cats were...

Makes you kinda smile inside doesn't it?
For more including a behind the scenes look 
at the making of the commercial head on over here.



Hello lovelies, I feel like I kinda owe you an apology & an explanation.
I've been uber lazy in updating the blog lately- sorry...
{ Me sitting by the pond on the grounds of our family cabin a few weeks ago }

I've just had a lot on my mind & on my "To Do" list as far as getting ready for Baby Fry goes.
Plus I've definitely been in a major funk when it comes to blogging, I just haven't felt like it. 

I hear & I've read from other bloggers that this is sort of a "normal" thing so I guess I'm "normal", right?

I know I'll be back in full swing at sometime in the near future, I'm just not there yet.
So like I said,  I just felt like I kinda owed you a lil' apology & an explanation.
Thanks for hanging out & visiting my lil' blog even while it is currently lacking. 


Thursday, September 9, 2010

DIY - Homemade Caramel + Cute Packaging.

Fall is here! Ok well not officially yet but it certainly feels like it today. 
The air is crisp & the leaves are fluttering in the wind ready to fall. 

I love fall & I especially love apple picking & caramel dipping sauce to dip those apples. 
So imagine my excitement when I spotted this awesome Homemade Caramel DIY 
by the lovely Ez over on Creature Comforts...
Yum! Yum! Yum! & Pretty too huh!?  

Ready for the cute part?
Ez has created custom labels so if you 
want to share the sauce you can pretty it up- Sweet! 

Head on over to Creature Comforts for 
the full tutorial & free printable labels.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Colorful Chairs.

I absolutely LOVE this wedding reception site... 
How awesome & fun are those colorful chairs?!
{ Via

Love. Love. LOVE! 

For more photographs from this amazing DIY wedding
 which features a $5 wedding dress (yes you read that right).

Head on over here.

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