Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Weekend.

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Well the hospital bag is packed. Actually it has been for a while, maybe I've jinxed myself? 
Her due date is today (the 26th) & while there have been plenty of "signs", braxton hicks contractions
 & attempts at old wives tales to induce labor on my part, it looks like Baby Fry just isn't ready. 

Can't say I blame her, the world is a pretty crazy place.
 Crazier than ever it seems. I can see why she'd like to stay 
warm, cozy, safe & innocent in my womb.

So long story short- Happy weekend! 
I hope you have something wonderful planned 
& I maybe, just maybe, come Monday we will have a baby. 


Friday, February 25, 2011


I've been seriously craving chocolate lately...
Specifically chocolate cake. 
Since I'd prefer said cake to not be from a box mix 
& I also LOVE my chocolate cake cold & dense.
I'm thinking this recipe which I spotted on Poppytalk 
via Jeannette of Everybody Likes Sandwiches  for a 
Dead Simple Chocolate Cake might just fit the bill perfectly!
Mmmm- Yummy...
I can taste it already! 

How bout' you?
Have you been craving anything lately? 


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Angry Blonde.

So this made me chuckle this morning...
Seems about right to me! 
You also probably shouldn't mess with a 
cranky, super pregnant one either. 

Yep, I'm feeling VERY pregnant & cranky today. 
Could've sworn I was in labor last night or I should say early 
this am but I guess I was wrong & it was just braxton hicks. Oi. 

On a better note, for more fun art from Simply Cute 
like this lil' guy, head on over here!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guest Post : Polka Dots.

{ By Nicole

Who doesn't love polk-a-dots? 
They are so cheery and fun!
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The only thing better than the polk-a-dotted rug 
in this office are the cute yellow shoes on the rug.

 { Via }
Wouldn't these straws be perfect 
for a party or shower (a baby shower, perhaps ;) )?

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I love this DIY lamp. It's so inspiring when someone 
touches something up with paint and it looks fabulous.

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Since I'm planning my own wedding right now, I've been obsessing 
over these decorations with so many pretty details (hello - polk-a-dotted cakes!). 

Thanks for having me, Ashley!

{ Posted by Nicole of Everyday Ebullience }

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lifetime Diary.

I just spotted this lifetime diary...
It is designed to track 100 years of memories & milestones!
Seems like a pretty awesome idea to me,
 I may just start one for Baby Fry.

Get it here if you'd like. 


Friday, February 18, 2011

The Nursery.

It has been several months in progress, much like Baby Fry
 but I'm happy to finally show you that the nursery is complete!
Now for some details- 
Did I mention that the nursery is a mere 
7 feet 7 inches wide by 9 feet & some inches long?
Yeah, it is teeny tiny to say the least!
So in order to maximize space we decided we had to
use the walls for storage bins & shelves & such...
Oh yes, clearly I have a thing for giraffes & I'm hoping Baby Fry will too...
As I'm sure you've noticed there is a giant letter "G" on Baby Fry's wall. 
Yes, we've chosen her name & it starts with a "G"! 
We love it but are keeping it secret until she is officially here.
Since I just about die smiling every time I open the drawers of her dresser
 & look at her bitty baby clothes I just had to these shots...
I hope Baby Fry enjoys it as much as we do!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bare Belly Photographs.

Ok so I slept on it for a few nights. 
Well actually I thought about it a lot as I starred at the ceiling 
attempting to fall back to sleep after my nightly trips to the bathroom. 

Anyway, I realized a few things...
 (1) I'll only ever be pregnant for the first time, once.  
(2) The photographs Isabel took are really beautiful & I was very lucky to have them taken.  
(3) I'm very blessed to have had such a wonderful & pretty darn easy pregnancy.
 (4) Because of all of the above, I should really get over my bare belly nerves & just embrace it.

So here we go...
Yes, Isabel painted a cupcake on my belly... 
It is kind of a new take on the
 "bun in the oven" idea, no? 

{ Photographs by Isabel March }

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day.


Happy Valentine's Day!
... I just love quirky & corny vintage Valentines. 
Personally I think we need to use more of the old 
words like "nifty" & "jeepers" but maybe that is just me. 

So my loves, what are you up to for Valentine's day?
I'm working on a special Valentine's meal for my Lovie
We are having homemade mozzarella sticks, mini heart shaped pizzas, 
strawberries & creme brulee for our romantic meal. 

I'm very excited.
Enjoy your day!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy (Almost Valentine's) Weekend.

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Well it is almost Valentine's Day... 
Perhaps since it falls on a Monday this year
 you are celebrating this weekend?

 If so happy weekend-o-love.
I hope you enjoy whatever it is you end 
up doing, Valentine related or not!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Literary Lites.

Maybe I'm immature or gross? Maybe I am normal? 
But fart humor tends to get me laughing every time...
So of course these Literary Lites have me snickering pretty good over here.
Plus the way I see it, if you really love someone then you should be able to 
fart in front of each other as well as truly laugh at farts & toilet humor together, right? 
Needless to say, I'm thinking I may order a few sets of these for 
Valentine's Day or just for fun for The Husband.

 I think he'd appreciate them & get a good laugh as well. 

You can get them here & be sure to check out other


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Bump Bliss.

When our wedding photographer, Isabel 
(who happily has become one of my good friends) 
suggested coming over to catch up & snap a few
 photographs of the Baby Fry bump of course I said, "Yes!"

She dropped by last week & snapped up a few 
photographs as we spent the afternoon together... 
I just love how relaxed & blissful they turned out. 
Even Piper Dog got in on the action as you can see.

Isabel took some others too & perhaps if I suddenly become brave 
enough I will share some of the bare belly photographs that she snapped. 

I must say, they really did turn out quite beautiful & I love them 
& I'm super grateful she convinced me to pose for them even though I swore 
posing for bare belly photographs let alone publicly posting photographs 
of my bare belly was something I'd never do... 

Oh & some of the others even include a cupcake painted on my belly 
so I guess technically that would mean my belly wasn't really bare?! 

 Hmmm. We shall see...
 I think I need to sleep on it.


{ Photographs by Isabel March }

Baby Shower (Details) Photographs.

So The Baby Shower was a few weeks ago but I'd be remiss if I did not 
share with you the wonderful details that everyone worked so hard on... 
I was absolutely SMITTEN with the floral arrangements! 
Can you believe that my momma handmade every single one? 
The best part? The containers are vintage & are actually from when myself & my 
younger brother were born. My momma kept them all these years- SO awesome!
Even better the roses dried out perfectly & some of the flowers are still alive & making me smile daily.
The Sister-in-Law made these amazing baby cupcakes which ended up being the dessert for 
the shower & decoration too since she came up with a wonderful display for them... 
She is truly talented, no!? I keep telling her she needs to go into business or something. 
She made all the batter & icing from scratch too so they were truly scrumptious! 

Speaking of scrumptious... the food was to die for. 
The shower ended up being at this quaint lil' restaurant that I had 
never been to, The Parkside American Grille & let me tell you, the food was fabulous! 

Plus my momma made the cutest lil' menus 
so every guest got to choose their main entree...
(I had the Parkside Eggs Benedict- YUM!)
As for the favors, my momma made up these cute lil' bags full of goodies
 & I requested that we do "Wishes For Baby" cards for us to keep. 
(An idea which I spotted & borrowed from The Lil' Bee.)
Some of my favorite answers include:

"I hope you learn to be a loving & wise girl."
"I hope you love the simple things in life."
"I hope you laugh big belly laughs & enjoy life to the fullest!"
"I hope you recognize that God is in control & He is good."

I can't wait to share all the wishes with her someday...
It was such a lovely shower, we are SO blessed!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Emerson Made Signature T.

I'm not the type of girl who expects expensive jewelry for Valentine's day. 
In fact, to me, this t-shirt would be MORE than fine... 

Ack! I just love it!


DIY - Fruit Valentines.

Well Valentine's Day is officially less than a week away!
Why not make this year's Valentines super cute, super healthy & super economical?
These Valentine's totally prove you don't need to spend a lot-o-moolah to make someone smile...
Aren't they fab!? I just love them & think some of them 
would totally rock on just an ordinary day too!

Be sure to head on over here for original full post 
& the (free download!)  of the Naturally Sweet Valentine's Day Stickers.
Brought to you by Twig & Thistle via Design*Sponge.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Guest Post : Every Good & Perfect

Chase those winter blues away... 
{ A Guest Post by Leslie }

With long days of blustery weather, endless grey skies, and so much 
time spent inside, sometimes winter can be a tad hard on the soul. 
Granted, my husband and I live in Texas, so we really have it pretty easy. 
However, I do feel for my friends who live up north. 

For those times when you long to go outside without five layers of 
clothing on, or dream of warm sunshine on your face, here are 
some bright and encouraging Etsy goodies to cheer you up!
Beauty print by Erin Jane Shop }

Spring Always Comes embroidered wall art by September House }

{ We Belong Together print by Handz }

Painted Mustache Mugs by Hart of Stone }

{ City Living print by Laura Amiss }

Hot Air Balloons print by Kathy Panton on Etsy }

I’m SO happy to be guest-posting for Ashley 
and I hope that you enjoy these!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Cuteness For Your Monday.

If this doesn't brighten your Monday, nothing will... 
For more of the cuteness that is Iso
head on over to the IsoInSloMo YouTube channel.
Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Oh & super thanks to Matt for sending me this!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Weekend.

Happy weekend lovebugs!
I feel pretty darn satisfied with this week... 
I got A LOT of things done including enjoying a brief two hour period of literally every piece 
of clothing we own (including Baby Fry's) being clean & put away or in the washer or dryer. 
Well, except what we were wearing at the time of course!

Needless to say aside from some art projects to finish for the nursery
 & a few toiletries to pick up for my hospital bag, I am totally ready for 
Baby Fry to come any time she pleases - yay!

How about you, what did you accomplish this week? 
Anything fab planned for this weekend? 

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