Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Byrdie Graphics.

I just bought these awesome bloom wall graphics from Byrdie Graphics
& I am so super excited to put them up in our bedroom!

I especially love how it will end up looking like wall paper since it is considered 
a wall pattern so it isn't just one graphic but several that you can arrange as you see fit...
Yippy skippy!

For more Byrdie Graphics head on over to the shop 
& yes, no worries,  I'll be sure to post after photographs shortly.


Handkerchief Art.

I'm lovin' this handkerchief art I spotted over on Poppy Talk.
What a fabulous way to spice up a room & add a lil' vintage, no?
Head on over here for the full post if you are interested 
in creating some handkerchief art of your own.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pin It Forward.

Well we finally have internet access back after the storm so without further ado
 I am grabbing the Pin It Forward torch from Mae Photo & Design
 posting my "What Home Means To Me"  post below 
& passing on the torch to Ashlee from {Hi' yall}

I also want to send out a special thanks to the lovely Victoria of sfgirlbybay for 
putting this all together. If you've never checked out her blog, you should, she is fabulous! 
Of course  I also need to thank the Pinterest team for sharing the awesomeness with all of us!
(Remember the first nine readers to email me will receive Pinterest invites directly from yours truly, you know you want one...)

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** 

When I think about what home means to me I automatically think one thing, home is what we make it. 
Home is definitely where the heart is. I didn't always know this mind you. I used to think home was more material then spiritual & emotional. Considering I have physically moved ten plus times in my life you could say moving had become a sort of science for me. At one point I suppose you could even say I was a machine. I was closed off emotionally, living by myself, living for myself. It was then that I moved to California. Sold my house, almost all my household possessions, packed up my clothes, put my car on a hauler & flew to California. Just like that. I intended on continuing to live just for me, I started fresh, sort of...
You see, things we push away & don't deal with don't just stay in hiding or so I've learned. California was cathartic in many ways, many good ways. California provided a home away from all that I knew. It was a home that forced me to learn myself, learn my heart. Then suddenly life threw a curve ball, but a very, very good one. Suddenly I was planning a wedding, moving back to Philadelphia & preparing to see my best friend & the love of my life deploy to a combat zone. It was a whirlwind time. 

I once again sold almost all my household possessions. Home physically became hotel rooms & guest rooms for a mere ten days & my heart found a home inside someone else's heart. It was awesome. Literally I felt like we were living on cloud nine. Then he was gone. Off to a combat zone. He took my heart with him, I won't lie. Once you go that far & your heart is given a true home you can't turn back. But that is ok. So for roughly a year home was a place of deep longing & missing something or maybe I should say, someone...
Thankfully my heart returned, just as promised. The first embrace after almost a year was nothing sort of amazing, we cried & held each other tight. Once things settled down home became "normal", it became what it means to me now... I woke up every morning grateful for the day, happy & sometimes overly excited for little things like talking over a cup of coffee, going on walks, holding hands & even just hearing him breathe as he slept next to me. 

My heart was happy, my home & heart were one (& still are!) 
So the saying, in my mind, definitely holds true- "home is where the heart is". Home is where your heart feels safe, where you can be your true self, where you can be grateful for every little thing, where you can notice & truly appreciate the beauty that surrounds, where you can grow & learn & live simply. To me, that is the home that everyone deserves but you have to work at it, home is what you make it...


{For more pins of "What Home Means To Me" as well as my other boards please follow me on Pinterest.}

Friday, June 25, 2010



I was unable to post my Pin It Forward post yesterday due to 
a severe storm which hit the local area where we live. 
Power was knocked out, trees crashed into people's homes 
due to 70mph winds& golf ball sized hail rained down. 

Luckily everyone on our block was safe & sound 
& no major damage apart from some broken windows, hail dings cars 
& tree limbs in power lines was sustained.

As of the time of this post, our power is still out
& we are told it could take several days to restore. 
(I am accessing the internet from The In-Laws home 45 minutes 
away as I drove up here to put the food that was in our fridge in theirs.)

I apologize for any inconvenience & or disappointment this
may have caused for my blogger group of Pin It Forward
I hope to have my post up later today or possibly tomorrow 
once I am able to get on-line via my laptop.

Just wanted to keep everyone filled in 
& boy do I have a storm story to tell you at some point...



Thursday, June 24, 2010

Winery Photographs.

On Father's Day I spent some time with my family having brunch 
& visiting some local wineries while The Husband was at work... (poor guy!)
As you can probably tell, we had a really good day!
The weather was absolutely gorgeous & the wine was very tasty.

If you are a Pennsylvania local or maybe just visiting,
 I highly suggest you visit Vyncrest or Pinnacle Ridge 
you will not be disappointed, I promise. 
(They are my two faves!)


DIY - Wine Bottle Tiki Torch.

We are wine drinkers & beer drinkers 
& hard alcohol drinkers & hey, Pellegrino drinkers too...
Needless to say we have a lot of  glass bottles hanging around
 from time to time because I don't like to throw them away. 
Why you ask? Well maybe I can use them for something, right? 

Case in point this Wine Bottle Tiki Torch!
Yes please!
 Pretty awesome right? 

I will be making a few of these especially because (a) they cost less than $4.00 to make & 
(b) there are an awful lot of mosquitos making dinner out of us every time we sit outside. 

Head on over to Re-Nest for the full tutorial here.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


You may have noticed a bit ago a new button appeared on the right sidebar titled Pin It Forward...
I've been working on a special project brought to you by the fabulous new website Pinterest 
& Victoria of sfgirlbybay called "Pin It Forward, What Home Means To Me."

 Much like its predecessor Blog It Forward,  Pin It Forward is basically a big blogger 
mash-up where participants are given an assignment of sorts which they then blog about 
& pass off the baton to the next blogger in line while also giving a nod to the blogger prior to them. 
(It is a pretty cool idea when you think about it...)

Anywho, my Pin It Forward post won't be live until tomorrow 
but I thought I'd give you a lil' sneak peak of Pinterest in the meantime... 
(I can best describe it as a giant cork board where people post inspirations & awesome things! It is super swell, trust me!)
{ A screen shot of my Touch Pinterest board }

Be sure to to tune in tomorrow for my Pin It Forward post!

P.S. I also have 9 invites to Pinterest which I will be more than happy to share on a first come, 
first serve basis to those that email me interested in obtaining one, tomorrow after my post is up.
(Woot! Woot!)



Is it just me or is this bride's bouquet just perfect?
Every flower is perfectly placed, perfectly in bloom 
& the pale color palette is just plain stunning...
{ Photograph  by Anna Page via StyleMePretty }

 Plus did you notice her pink nails? Too perfect!


Eat Drink Chic - Floral Gift Tags.

Check out these darling summer floral gift tags 
created by Amy over on Eat Drink Chic.
{ Photographs via Eat Drink Chic }

Aren't they sweet? 
Are you ready for the best part...
Amy is sharing them with the rest of us! 
All you have to do is head on over to Eat Drink Chic
for the free download, print, cut out & customize.
 Oh how, lovely, no?!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rainbow Keys.

I remember how dirty my white keys got on my first MacBook... 
This would've been a perfect solution, for sure!

There are even more styles including keys made to resemble candy & legos...
Head on over to Cool Decal's shop to check them out!


Hair Cut?

My hair was super short back in the summer of 2007 (see below, left) & The Husband LOVED it. 
Now it is much longer (see below, right) & he likes it ok but I can just tell not as much as when it is short.
 I like it short too but it is so much easier to just throw into a ponytail or top knot when it is longer...

      I was pretty set on keeping it long for a while
of Michelle Williams & couldn't stop swooning over her short hair cut!
They reminded me of how much I really did like my hair short... it was fun!

So lovebugs, what are your thoughts? Short? Long? Something else?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject!


Monday, June 21, 2010


Wowsers! I just realized over the weekend my 300th post happened! 
Time really does fly when you are having fun, eh?!

Thanks for joining in on the fun because I certainly couldn't do it without you, lovebugs! 
{ Via Robot Heart }

P.S. - Don't forget advertising slots  are now available for July, August & September.
If you would you like to promote your blog or business on Oh What Fun please email me for details!


Yay! Chalkboard Paint!

As you may know if you've been visiting Oh What Fun for a while 
I've been dying to paint something with chalkboard paint. Well, I finally did it! Yay! 
I painted our basement door entirely with chalkboard paint & boy do I ever love it...

It is so fun to be able to write on it & to see what fun & interesting messages get left behind.
I'm also super stoked that I was able to score a lil' chalk pail to hold the chalk for only 97 cents! 



{ Via OK Great }

I've heard this quote before. Loved it then. 
Now seeing it displayed as a fab typographical piece of art I LOVE it even more!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy (Father's Day) Weekend.

Happy weekend lovebugs!
{ Me & My Daddy in the 80's ... can you tell from the glasses & stache? }

Tis' Father's Day on Sunday so... 
Happy Father's Day to all the dadd-i-os out there!
& of course I'm sending a special blog shout out to my Dadd-i-o too...
  I love you Dad! 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Friday, June 18, 2010

F is for...

So, I finally figured out something to hang above our mantel. 
(Remember when I didn't know what to do... here?)
Since our last name is Fry I went with a grouping of letter "F"s.

Originally I thought of a piece of artwork or a grouping of vintage mirrors would work nicely
 but alas the wall is angled so artwork looked silly & mirrors just reflected the ceiling.  So "F"s it is! 

Some are from vintage signs, others I bought at various stores & then spray painted...
I still need to work on the interior of the fireplace & the mantel but you get the idea.
(Oh & I realized, "F" is for fireplace too... ha!)

What do you think?

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