Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Weekend.

It is bitter cold today it is supposed to be 
the same all weekend here in the northeast... 
I'm finding myself longing for warm sunshine 
the above quote is just perfect, no?
So in honor of it - here are some fabulous photo finds 
to share warm sunshine with you, my lovely readers.
Enjoy & Happy Weekend!

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Emily Elizabeth Jewelry.

Have you met Emily Elizabeth Jewelry yet?
Woudln't any of these be just perfect for Valentine's Day & beyond...

& I especially love this set for us Craft Girls! 


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Message Cookies.

I wish I had thought of these Message-in-a-cookie cutters... 
But thankfully Williams-Sonoma did!
How great is it that you can now personalize cookies any way you want 
& not just with icing but with actual impressions!?
Birthdays. Holidays. Weddings. Baby Showers...
Done. Done. Done. & Done!

{ First spotted on- Creature Comforts }


Bath in the sink.

I absolutely adore this photo set...
Isn't she just the cutest!?
Her faces are simply priceless.
I'll admit it - faces like this kinda makes me want at least one girl someday...

Via }

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Preview.

Of things to come... 
to my Etsy shop that is!
Just in time for Valentine's Day

Stay tuned & hopefully you will not be disappointed!


Hidden Jewelry Box.

This is such a stellar idea!
A Hidden Jewelry Box... behind a painting.

Head on over to Design*Sponge for the complete How To
I love it... mucho!
Don't you?


Help Haiti.

Ever since the news broke of the earthquake in Haiti
 I've been wondering "What can I do?"
Sure a dollar here & there donated on the back end of groceries 
& such adds up when combined with everyone else who donates
 but it just didn't seem like enough in the wake of such destruction...
Then today I found it - donate to specifically help provide clean drinking water!
Water is after all a very necessary thing for life is it? 
So imagine not being able to get access to clean water to drink!? 
Yikes. We are so lucky...
 I am loving that Population Services International is partnering 
with Network for Good to accept donations to provide 
PUR Water Purifying Sachets  to create clean drinking water.

{ Via }

A single sachet only costs $0.10 a can purify up to 10 liters of water
So imagine, a $10.00 donation allows for 100 sachets...
which can result in 1000 liters of clean water!

---- > Please click HERE to donate < ----
(or on my new "Help Send Clean Water to Haiti" button over there --->)
PS- if you like these photos you can also head on over to Etsy 
& purchase the photos... all proceeds go towards Haiti Relief. 


The results are in!

A few weeks ago I shared with you that we had done a Doggie DNA Test 
on our Piper Dog in an effort to find out what breeds make up
 her cute lil' mixed breed DNA. 
Well the results are in! 
Drum roll please...
Piper Dog is a mix of 3 breeds:
Our Piper Dog 
Now we just have to decide what to call her when people ask...
We are leaning towards "Puggle Pei" since a Pug + Beagle = Puggle 
& we just tack on "Pei" from Shar Pei to the end. 
The Husband also suggested "Shar Puggle"... 
but I think Puggle Pei works better since her name starts with a "P" too.
So there you have it, we have a Puggle Pei named Piper!
Now we just have to figure out why she has webbed feet...
 apparently that is a labrador trait?

**UPDATE 03.04.2010**
 ** We just found out today via the shelter we rescued Piper Dog 
from that she has Bulldog in her genes too.
 Apparently one of her parents was a Bulldog, Puggle mix. 
The Husband has now coined a new name for her breed- "Puggle Bull Pei"**


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Late for work.

I *heart* this...
& when I tilted my laptop & showed The Husband he said-
"Did you do that? Aww you love me!"
I had to reply -
 "No I didn't do it- but I would had I thought of it 
& yes I do love you very much"
It is so fun, amazing, enjoyable... I could keep going...  to be in love, no?!

{ Via }


I think this is a super great idea!

"The day of hearts is almost upon us, and here is an opportunity to open your heart to a large circle of people. We'll be working with Citymeals-on-Wheels to bring nutritious meals, handmade greeting cards and companionship to elderly New Yorkers. We need your help to supply the cards. Citymeals-on-Wheels serves over 18,000 people, so we need as many as we can get. 

There are two ways to do this.

 The first is (you guessed it) to make your own card or send in a vintage card from your shop and fill it out with a nice message. Please craft as many valentines as you would like and send them to us. Before you send them, you can also post photos of your cards in our Special Delivery Flickr group.

If you don't have time to make cards, you can buy them and have them delivered to us. The deadline for us to receive the cards is Tuesday, February 9, 2010."

Quick! Go here for more details!

My mom used to do Meals-On-Wheels when I was a kid & I always went with her...
It was always so amazing to see the elderly we visited light up with smiles when we arrived.
I will definitely be participating in this, won't you join me?


Monday, January 25, 2010

I miss him.

I have loved this photograph from the moment I saw it...
& the first time I saw it was last year 
about a month into The Husbands deployment.
I identified with it - 
I was that girl & that boy hanging out of the train was my Lovie
It made me long for him & I cried a bit I missed him so much.

{ Via }
I'm finding myself missing him today too... 
although today it is a very different kind of missing
Today I'm just missing having him around,
 I'd gotten very used to the post deployment job search 
where he'd leave every few days for only a few hours 
to go on an interview & other then that we were together side by side 
on the couch using our computers for various things 
& watching Law & Order: SVU re-runs
eating breakfast for lunch because we'd gotten up late 
& having cheese & champagne munchies or ordering pizza.

Le sigh
I should really stop complaining...
 at least he isn't in a combat zone & he will be home in a few hours. 
But I do miss him.

Who are you missing today?


Vintage Broach Bouquets.

Yes I said bouquets made up of vintage broaches- 
how unique &  down right magnificent!
Fantasy Floral Designs makes these amazing bouquets...

{ Via }

Just think- You could really personalize your bouquet because 
Fantasy Floral will add pieces that mean something to you...
your grandmothers broach
your mothers earrings
your grandfathers tie-tack
& your fathers cuff links
Personally I think the best part is - they aren't real flowers so they won't die! 
You'll have your bouquet forever which is amazing & oh so special.

hmmm maybe I can convince The Husband to marry me again just so I can have one made.

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