Thursday, June 30, 2011


A rocking chair that changes shape & can even hold two people?! 
Yes, please! Count me in for sure.
Spotted here created by Markus Krauss


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome To The Garden.

We got it done just in time to plant a few weeks ago 
& I've just been delayed on getting some photographs of it until now.

This year we are hoping to have a pretty bountiful harvest of veggies 
& herbs from our newly erected (thanks to The Husband) 
& newly planted (thanks to yours truly) raised garden boxes...
I must say, it feels very good to see a concept come to life in your very own backyard!
We adapted our raised garden boxes from this DIY 
& had the wood cut at Home Depot, which was oh so helpful.
Now, if we don't get any more damaging hail storms we should be good to go.
 The last one did a number on my poor beans & cucumbers. I had to replant a few.
 I also have a little rabbit that likes to munch on my brussel sprouts- bugger!

 Oh & in case you are wondering here is a 
little diagram of what I chose to plant this year...

How about you...
Have you planted a garden this year?
What are your go to plants?


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Juice. Water. Wine.

I don't know about you but I love these bottles...
Super cute in a super simple way, no?


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day Weekend.

{ The Husband & Baby Girl relaxing this past week }

Happy Father's Day Weekend! This is The Husband's first Father's Day...
Baby Girl & I have made some handmade cards (ok, mostly me- I had her 
hold a crayon while I pushed the paper against it.) & are planning on treating
 The Husband to a homemade breakfast of his choice to celebrate- We love you, Daddy!

We are also going to two picnics as a family to celebrate our own fathers. 
I'm especially excited since one picnic site has a pool so Baby Girl will get to go swimming 
for the first time in a big pool. Plus it is just awesome to see Baby Girl with her Grandfathers.

How about you? What are you doing to celebrate your father & the father 
figures in your life this weekend? Whatever it is always remember, it is the 
thought that counts & at the end of the day most dads would prefer a hug. 

Dads are cool like that. 

And now for some other Dad related posts & such I've spotted around the web...

Dad's that aren't afraid to wear their babies are the best. 

Free Father's Day Printables... I especially love this one

A great gift guide ... never to late to get a gift even if it is just "ordered" cuz I.O.U's are still rad. 

Me & My Dad, circa the 1980's ... sweet 'stache right?

Not exactly Dad related but this new site is amazing. (& I'm sure you could submit a photo with Dad in it!)

A sweet DIY that would make any Dad smile. 

This photo is makes me smile & think of the future. 

Enjoy your weekend!


Friday, June 17, 2011


I had an iPhone once. When they first came out way back when. I hated it. 
Which was surprising to me at the time, especially because I am totally an Apple girl. 
I think it was the touch screen that freaked me out. 

Anyway, for years now I've wanted nothing to do with an iPhone. 
Until some of my twitter friends & real friends started using 
Instagram & Hipstamatic apps & posting their photos.

To say my jealousy was growing daily would be an understatement 
& then my friend, Isabel snapped a few shots of me & Baby Girl with her iPhone & well... 

Whoa. Now, I definitely want, nay... I NEED an iPhone!

 However, the sad thing is if I did get one, I'd probably only use it for 
photo apps & constantly complain about the touch screen & let's face it, that'd be 
annoying to everyone around me. Plus I'd have to pay an additional monthly fee 
for "data" on our phone plan which would just bug me for so many reasons I won't
 go into right now & I'd probably constantly complain about that as well. LOL.

So long story short, I won't be getting one anytime soon until I can get over that stuff. 
But hey a girl can dream & a girl can be jealous & a girl can also deck our her 
would be iPhone with a cool cover like this one...
Awesome right? Spotted here, for purchase here... it is only $9! 

Do you have an iPhone? Do you have any cool photo apps or
 other apps you are obsessed with? Tell me more, tell me more! 
Maybe your raving about how awesome it is will push 
me over the edge & I'll just have to dive in & get one?


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Paper Scrap Art.

I've been searching a while for some affordable art for our kitchen 
& have yet to find anything that really makes me say - "yep that is it!" 
However, I must admit that this little grouping made of various frames 
& wooden pieces with paper scraps kinda makes me think twice...

What do you think?
Found here.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Monday.

{ Baby Girl  last week on her 3 month & 1 day birthday }

Oh hey, Happy Monday! 
Just wanted to spread some Monday morning cuteness around the web...
I may be very partial but I just can't get enough of this lil cutie of mine!

This weekend was pretty fab. Spent a ton of time with my Baby Girl 
(we are still working on rolling over). Our new appliances were finally delivered 
& I got to spend some quality time with my Mother-in-law & my parents-
we walked to a local restaurant & shared a nice sushi meal.

 The only major negatives of the weekend were the humidity, the thunderstorms 
that kept me awake most of the night Saturday & the fact that The Husband had some military 
obligations that kept him away. Boo. He's back now though & we are all sleeping soundly again. 
Have I mentioned I'm a big wuss when it comes to thunder & lightening? 
Yep. Total wuss. 

So, how was your weekend? 
Did you sleep well?


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Puffer Fish.

A while ago while at a pet supply store I spotted the cutest puffer fish! 
I know what you are thinking- "a fish, cute?!"
 I'm telling you it was. Actually it was cute enough that The Husband agreed 
& we actually had a short discussion about purchasing an aquarium just to get it. 
Then we found out our lil' puffer friend needed a salt water tank & we moved on. 

Anyway, when I spotted this Charlie Harper Puffer Fish Sauce Dish 
on Fishs Eddy it made me think back to that cute lil' puffer... 
Hmmm perhaps this is a way better way to get a cute 
puffer fish in our house without a huge salt water tank!? 

Check out the rest of Charlie Harper + Todd Oldham 
exclusive line with Fishs Eddy Ceramics here.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sophie Giraffe.

Clearly we love Sophie the Giraffe in this household.
She really is the best! 
Cute, easy to grip, soft to munch on, interesting to look at & squeaky! 

Though Piper Dog has a hard time not wanting to play with Sophie, herself. 
Especially when she hears her squeak & then Baby Girl 
promptly drops her on the floor right in front of her...
I think in an effort to do all she could do to contain 
herself she decided to play dead. 
Haha poor dog. 


Monday, June 6, 2011

Chalkboard Door Decor.

As blogged about before, I sorta have a thing for chalkboards
in our kitchen leading to the basement.

So when I spotted this vintage door hanging out in a 
bathroom all chalkboarded up, of course I fell in love...
Isn't it just whimsical & different? 
You really could have it live in any corner of your home 
or even hook together two or three for a room divider.
Plus it is kinda cool that is isn't attached so if you are 
ever over it one day you can just stash it away.
 Love it!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy National Doughnut Day!

Yum! Today is National Doughnut Day!
{ Via

Did you know that the women of the Salvation Army aka 'The Doughnut Girls"
 used to hand out donuts to the soldiers during the World Wars? 
Totally fascinating. That is where National Doughnut Day stems from apparently... 

Mmm. Doughnuts (or is it donuts?) & I get along very well. 
In fact, they were the number one thing I wanted ALL THE TIME while I was pregnant. 
Perhaps that is how I gained most of my pregnancy weight, eh?

Anywho, I love Boston Creme (or is it cream?) 
& Sugared Raised the best (see above).
How about you?

Be sure to get to a Dunkin' Donuts for a FREE donut with purchase of any drink 
oh & perhaps consider making a donation to the Salvation Army as well to celebrate!


Thursday, June 2, 2011


{ Via }

Cheers to some advice that I really need to take!
I must admit, I am often paralyzed & don't do certain creative things 
or hesitate to do creative things out of fear of doing them wrong.
Perhaps, I need to get over that & take some more chances?


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where I've Been.

{ Me & Baby Girl during my birthday weekend }

Oh hey remember me? Sorry I've been slacking lately in the blog post department. 
I was forced to take a bit of a blog break when our wireless internet stopped working throughout 
the house. I never realized how convenient it was being able to use my MacBook anywhere, 
anytime until it wasn't. It seems to be in working order now so, I'm back!

Let's see how about an update...
While I was away, I turned 27. Wow. I officially feel old. 
 I also finally got my hair cut pretty short, it is awesome. I heart it. 

What else... 
Oh, Baby Girl became even more smiley & is as awesome as ever.
I think she may even roll all the way over soon- Eeep!
Oh & The Husband helped me do lots of work inside & outside the house. 
I'm proud to say we now have grass in the front yard 
& a fence & garden boxes in the backyard- yay! 

What have you been up to lately?

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