Monday, April 26, 2010

Good News & Bad News.

I don't know about you but when given the choice of good news or bad news first, 
I always go with the bad first because then the good brightens it up on the end. 

That is logical right? It seems logical for me anyway...
{ Via tinywhitedaises

So here is the BAD news -
 I busted my MacBook during our move this weekend.
 Major bummer & sigh. I dropped my baby & she isn't working too well anymore. Sad day.
So blogging with the speed & the content I wished may not be possible for a bit... 

But some GOOD news is-
 Since we bought the house we purchased computer insurance
 to go with our homeowners so I am covered. 

Ready for more GOOD news? 
We are in the new house
It took a lot of work & a bit of stress but we are in 
& now the process of unpacking begins. 

Want even more GOOD news? 
We have a lilac bush full of blooms like the one pictured above right off our back deck. 
This makes me a happy girl. The scent is awesome. 

Happy Monday! 
I hope you had a stellar weekend!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Weekend.


Happy Weekend Lovebugs!

Thanks for hanging in there with my scheduled posts 
as we feverishly pack, move & renovate.
I appreciate it mucho.

All is well & on track.
 So far. So good. 
So I should be back live Monday.
*fingers crossed*

I wish you an absolutely FABULOUS weekend!
What are you doing, anyway? Something great I hope.
(you deserve it!)

As for me...
 well I think you know what I am doing. 


Window Wall.

Tee hee hee.
 This makes me smile & giggle.  
{ Via Timzou }

I think it would be fun in a play room for a lil' girl 
or as a cute way to add some interest to any wall.

 What do you think?


a. e. wilder.

So excited that I just discovered this lovely lil' etsy shop - a. e. wilder....
{ 1 } { 2 } { 3

 So sweet & so simple, no?
 I especially love how these pieces are created 
in wooden hoops so you can hang them right away.

Plus did I mention each piece featured is able to be personalized?
What a sweet way to remember a special date like a 
wedding day or baby's entrance into the world don't you think?
 (I'll be ordering us a hoop soon to commemorate our wedding day- yay!)

Be sure to head on over to a. e. wilder's shop to check out even more pieces. 


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thick Stripes.

I really dig this paint job. 
Not necessarily the orange for our place.
 I'm thinking maybe a grey or hot chocolate color...
But I'm really enjoying the thick stripe idea. What do you think?


More Raw Talent.

Remember when I introduced you to Mary Robinson earlier in the week?
 Well I just had to share some more of her photography with you...
Amazingly dreamy, no?


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


{ 1 } { 2

I like it. 


Homemade Candles DIY.

Imagine these lil' beauties as favors at the next wedding, shower or party you go to. 
Wouldn't you be thrilled to go home with one? I know I would!
Ready for the best part? They are DIY! Woot! Woot!
Head on over to Project Wedding for the complete tutorial... 
Honestly I can't believe how simple they are to make!
I will definitely be making some in the future just for use around our home.
& hey, now that I think of it, I may even try my hand at citronella for outside. 


Mother's Wedding Dress.

Recently Amy from Eat Drink Chic married her sweetie 
during an engagement party turned surprise wedding
How awesome is that? Even more awesome... 
She wore her mother's vintage floral print wedding dress. 
Gorgeous! It really is all about the details isn't it?

For more of Amy's wedding be sure to head over to her site
where she has tons of photographs as well as 
a play by play of all the wedding details.
 Trust me, they are to. die. for. 


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Salad Greens.

Must. Find. Place. To. Build. These.
I've always wanted to grow my own salad greens but was never quite sure 
where to plant them, especially because most varieties grow one leaf for each seed. 
Aren't these skinny planting boxes superb? I heart them!
{ Via Heaven Is Here


Raw Talent.

I absolutely love photographer, Mary Robinson
Why? Simple. Because she is beyond talented & at only 16 she has many years 
ahead of her to create even more amazing stuff- which makes me, oh so happy! 

As for the above photographs- wow. They feel like one of my dreams...

Be sure to check out the rest of Mary's work here & here.


Happy Day.

We have settlement on the house this afternoon. 
Eeeek! If everything goes according to plan she is officially ours today!
{ Via oohlalala }

Oh happy day!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Vespa Love.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a vespa!? 
(Especially a purrrty chocolate colored one?)
Just sayin'...
{ Via Chocolate Therapy courtesy of Timzou } 


Missed Connections II.

There have been some pretty great illustrated Missed Connections as of late. 
Have you checked them out? Here are some of my favorites... 
{ "It was windy and pouring rain last night, and you were looking for directions in the East Village. 
You were wet and cold, so I gave you my umbrella. Unfortunately, I later discovered that I gave you
 the wrong directions and I feel just awful about it. I hope you and your friends got to your 
destination without too much trouble." }

You can check out one of my other favorites here 
& be sure to check out artist Sophie Blackall's shop!


Tis' Monday.

Gooooooooood morning lovebugs!
Tis' Monday & tis' moving week too... 
Tis' going to be an awfully busy one but I am excited.
 I am especially excited to start renovating & decorating our new home- hip. hip. hooray! 
{ Via heavy.hearts }

Seeing as moving & such will cause me to be busy & our internet to be disrupted,
I won't be able to post everyday like I usually do. Bummer. I know...
But don't fret too much - I would never leave you hanging 
so I have lots of fun & interesting posts planned & scheduled just for you! 
So please do keep tuning in all week.  Plus I will still be tweeting 
& kinda sorta checking email so be sure to say "hi!", I will miss you, ya know!

I hope to be back blogging live from our new home with new internet next Monday
 & hopefully I'll have some sahweet  before & after photographs to share with you as an added bonus!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Weekend.

{ Via

Well it is officially the weekend! 
Hip. Hip. Hooray!

What are you up to my lovebugs?
We are packing & cleaning & cleaning & packing. 
(We move next weekend- eeek!)

We may try to sneak in a trip to the dog park with The Piper Dog 
but I hear the weather isn't supposed to be so great. So we shall see.

Whatever you end up doing I hope you have a fabulous time - you deserve it!


Currently Reading.

So I'm not really the type of person that reads just one book at a time. 
I find if I get bored with one book I can then just move onto the next
 & go back to the other as I see fit. 

The only real problem with this is sometimes I accidentally blend books together
& suddenly I'm wondering what happened to a character? Then I remember...
                               Oh yeah, he was in the other book. No biggie, it is only my brain I'm confusing right? 
{ 1 } { 2 } { 3 } { 4

Anyway, I highly recommend any & or all of the above books.
Especially Food Rules as it is only $5 & will really help you shop & eat correctly- promise!

& yes, in case you were curious, right now in my brain 
the time traveler is hoping he won't travel before his bread is ready... 
But I'll sort that out. No worries. 


Making Friends.

The Husband is very good at making nature friends. 
Which is funny to me because had we been in the woods
 rather then the park these lil' duckies would be on our dinner table...
By the end of our little meeting they were eating right out of his hand, or should I say right off his fork.

Silly duckies, fried rice is for humans.
tee hee hee


Thursday, April 15, 2010


Oh my. Oh my!
Have you spotted a glimpse of the newest Martha Stewart Living yet?
{ Pardon the photograph quality, I scanned the cover }

Well now you have! 
Can you believe that super awesome wall decor is made of paint samples?

Wowsers.  Sheer awesomeness in my opinion. 
(If you are keeping track that basically means it was created for FREE)

I'm just so excited because this issue could not
 have come at a better time with us moving & painting & all.
Thanks Martha! You will never cease to amaze me, I swear.


I Love Weddings.

{ Via HearBlack }

Aren't these wedding photographs to. die. for!?
So simple. So lovely. & what an absolutely fabulous looking couple.
Sigh. I just LOVE weddings!

If you like these photographs wait until you check out the couples blog - HearBlack
(it is one of my new found favorites)

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