Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tomorrow We Dye.

When my April issue of Martha Stewart Living arrived I was
extremely giddy as it was full of some stellar ways to dye easter eggs....

So I am very happy to announce that tomorrow The Sister-In-Law & I will be dying... 

Easter eggs that is!
Woot! Woot! Woot!

I'll let you know how it goes & if the lighting cooperates I'll post some photographs of our results too.
For the full tutorial a-la Martha head on over here if you'd like. 


The Ft. Hood Hug Lady.

This woman is AMAZING!
Ever heard of "The Ft. Hood Hug Lady"? 

Meet Elizabeth Laird...
Since 2003 Elizabeth has greeted almost every soldier in transit between Ft. Hood & the battlefield with a hug!
In fact Ft. Hood estimates that she has hugged 500,000 soldiers in almost seven years- AMAZING.

"I'm out there because I love our soldiers and I want to support them. 
This is how I can make sure they know somebody supports them."

Oh I just love her! So inspiring...

To read more about Elizabeth head on over here or here


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ducks in a Row.

Wow I just realized we are moving in less than a month...
I think it is safe to say that is time for me to get my "ducks in a row"!
Time to organize. Time to pack. Time to clean.
{ Via Juleeln }

I figured if I share that out-loud with a super cute photo 
that I'll have to get a move on & maybe you'll hold me accountable too? 
tee hee hee


Map Quest.

I've always thought decorating with a map 
would be a cool addition to our place.

The only problem is I can never seem to find a map 
I like enough to just hang on the wall.

Then I spotted this idea...
{ Via tumblr }

I really like how the splitting up the map & framing it looks. 
& I think pretty much any map would look nifty done this way...
Plus, if it is a color map I could always copy it & ta-da black & white! 

What do you think?


Hanger Tea.

These made me giggle
I'm guessing if I gave a guest a cup with one of these in it the same would happen
... which is always fun!

Hanger Tea Packaging by Soon Mo Kang - Yanko Design

 { First spotted on Elephantine }


Monday, March 29, 2010

Visible Lightbulbs.

I wish I had a place for light fixtures like these...

But with a husband that is over six feet tall I don't think it would work too well!

PS- aren't those bare, visible bulbs awesome!
I've seen several lamps with no shades that use them as well. 
I think I may end up purchasing one or two for our new place.


The Sun Will Come Out.

Ever notice that Mondays are kinda no fun?
 Ever notice they are especially worse when it is gloomy & rainy out?
 ... yeah me too

I guess I'll just have to keep remembering these cute prints from Rifle Paper Co.
Wouldn't they be just lovely in an entryway or hallway? 
I'm thinking they need to be displayed somewhere you'd see them daily
just so that on gloomy Monday's you'd feel a bit better & gain the motivation to push on.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Hello lovelies!
 I wish you an absolutely amazing weekend- you deserve it!

I wish I was spending my weekend hanging out here...
{ Via unknown } 

But since I am not,  (a) I don't have a hammock & (b) it isn't quite warm enough here yet.
 I resolve to just enjoy whatever ends up coming my way...

What do you have planned this weekend? Something low-key? Something big time?!
Whatever it is- enjoy & I'll see you Monday! 


Little Monsters.

There is something really charming 
& quirky about these little monsters that makes me wish I had one...

I can just envision waking up on a particularly bad morning, walking into the living room
 & seeing one of them on the couch (Estelle Monster would probably be my pick) 
& then having a good chuckle. I mean how could you not? 
They'd brighten my day for sure!

Speaking of brightening days... 
Today is the last day to save 10% off your entire order over on Magpie Lovely
which is exactly were these little monsters are currently calling home. 
Just be sure to enter the promo code "AF10" at checkout!


Amazing Wedding Shot.

Gosh I just love weddings... 
& this shot? One word- Fabulous!
{ Originally spotted on The Shooting Gallery }


Bad Dog.

If you've been a reader or have been following me on twitter 
for a lil' while then you know about our little terror dog, maiden of mischief,  Piper Dog.

We've had her for going on six months & we have lots of poo accidents

Please don't get me wrong- we love her (if we didn't we wouldn't laugh off all her mischief right!?)
 So I'm thinking this id tag from BowWowzerZ is utterly appropriate & kinda silly too...
Do you think it is wrong to have our pup parading around town with a "Bad Dog" name tag? 
Perhaps it will go over people's heads? But her real name & our info will be on the back
 if anyone ever looked, so clearly it is a joke, right?

Then again there is always this design too... 
 I probably never told you about Piper Dog's affinity for jumping her gate & attacking the cat box, huh?
 Ew! Ew! Ew!  Let's just suffice it to say that I don't like to talk or think about it. 
Tee hee hee

Be sure to check out the rest of BowWowzerZ's shop... 
there are many, many more designs to choose from!


Thursday, March 25, 2010


As you probably already know, I love me some J.Crew...
But when I spotted these gallery overalls on their site today,
 I thought to myself- "Are overalls really back!?"
If my memory serves me correctly the last time I wore overalls was 6th grade... so that was in the 90's!
I loved them then but I don't quite know if I could pull them off now? 
What do you think!? Would you rock a pair of overalls these days?



I want to go for a walk on a road like this on a day like this...
{ Via i am blessed }


Sweet Sendoff.

Wow! I am absolutely in LOVE with this sweet wedding sendoff...
{ Originally spotted on Once Wed }

What a lovely & creative idea.
 Plus it makes for some phenomenal photographs!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pretty DIY Flower Pots.

Aren't these fabric covered flower pots precious?
& the best part is that they are DIY - woo hoo!

I originally spotted the idea over on Creature Comforts via Lavender & Limes...
I could totally see these on the window sill of our new kitchen, holding all the herbs I like to cook with. 

Be sure to go here for the full how-to- Enjoy!


More Magpie Lovelies.

I'm loving these bold braided necklaces! 
Wouldn't they just instantly brighten up your favorite white t-shirt & jeans outfit?

I dunno what it is about me & the coral color schemes 
but I'm always drawn to them just as they are used in the Little Miss Sunshine necklace...

The Blue Ocean version is lovely too & kinda calming as well, no?

Lots of other versions of these braided beauties (including bracelets) 
can be found herehere & here all via Magpie Lovely.

& as mentioned before...
Don't forget you can save 10% off your entire order until March 26th!
Just enter the promo code "AF10" at checkout. 


Lovie Session.

Check out these adorable photographs I spotted over on Our Labor Of Love...

My favorite part is that these photos are considered part of a "Lovie Session
as in the Labor of Love photographers try to capture the relationship between a child & their lovie...
(whatever that may be- teddy, blankie, monster?)

"we do get pretty excited when a ratty, irreplaceable, sucked on, chewed, rubbed, 
discolored, balding lovie comes through the doors." }

Awww! Don't you just love it? 
These photos totally made my morning!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ruffles For Everyone!

Remember how I said I'd share my favorites from 
Magpie Lovely throughout this week?

Well here we go!
 Just look at all the super cute ruffle embellished clothing 
they have for women & lil' girls... onesie with ruffles on the bum?! Eeek- I love it! 

I especially love these matching dresses found here & here- too cute!
 I don't have a lil' girl to outfit but you can bet if I did I'd be buying us some ruffles for spring.

 Like what you see? Check out more here...
& don't forget since you are a reader of Oh What Fun you can save 10% off your entire order!
  Just be sure to enter "AF10" at checkout from  now until March 26th.

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