Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beautiful Scarf.

When I logged into Pinterest this morning & spotted this image pinned by Victoria I was just like, "Ooooo so pretty!"...

Then I realized it was actually a scarf & not just a painting & I got very excited! In case you don't know I'm a scarf fiend, I have lots & lots. I wear one almost every day. (I'm wearing one now!) So naturally I clicked right over to the original source, Ship & Shape, to see if I could get my hands on this lovely piece.  But alas, she is sold out...
But that got me thinking, can I make this myself? I mean, I've dyed things before & my in-laws have a ton of 5 gallon buckets my sister-in-law & I have used before to tie dye. So perhaps when the weather is a bit warmer it is time to give this a whirl? 
(Arielle, I'm looking at you!)

It certainly won't be as luxe & probably no where near as pretty as the original but for the price of dye & fabric why not give it a shot, right? 

Have you ever dyed anything like this before? (Tips & tricks are very much appreciated!)


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