Wednesday, June 23, 2010


You may have noticed a bit ago a new button appeared on the right sidebar titled Pin It Forward...
I've been working on a special project brought to you by the fabulous new website Pinterest 
& Victoria of sfgirlbybay called "Pin It Forward, What Home Means To Me."

 Much like its predecessor Blog It Forward,  Pin It Forward is basically a big blogger 
mash-up where participants are given an assignment of sorts which they then blog about 
& pass off the baton to the next blogger in line while also giving a nod to the blogger prior to them. 
(It is a pretty cool idea when you think about it...)

Anywho, my Pin It Forward post won't be live until tomorrow 
but I thought I'd give you a lil' sneak peak of Pinterest in the meantime... 
(I can best describe it as a giant cork board where people post inspirations & awesome things! It is super swell, trust me!)
{ A screen shot of my Touch Pinterest board }

Be sure to to tune in tomorrow for my Pin It Forward post!

P.S. I also have 9 invites to Pinterest which I will be more than happy to share on a first come, 
first serve basis to those that email me interested in obtaining one, tomorrow after my post is up.
(Woot! Woot!)


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