Monday, February 1, 2010

For the love of chalkboards.

I have always loved chalkboard paint &
 have been longing for a place to paint it for quite a while...
I find however that most apartment landlords are not too keen 
on the prospect of having black paint applied to their walls. 
So when I stumbled upon these chalkboard wall decals while at the
 art supply store the other day I pretty much jumped for joy!

especially love these decals that will fit on a kitchen cabinet...
So now I am torn - we are fairly close to purchasing a house so I could wait
 & conceivably paint an entire room or at least a whole wall with chalkboard paint 
or I could just go for it & satisfy my craving with any one of the above.
Hmmmmm-  or better yet maybe both!?

Check out the other chalkboard wallies here



A "cheery" disposition said...

we have chalkboard cabinets just like that last picture. It's one of our most talked about room in the house.

Ashley Lynn Fry said...

Oh you lucky girl - mark me as officially jealous! :)

{à la mode} said...

i, too, have been dying for chalkboard walls, but landlords are pretty strict! i saw some of these at target recently... i wanted them so bad, but i'm just worried that they wouldn't come off the wall very easily!

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