Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Doggie DNA.

We love our Piper Dog!

{ Piper Dog the night we brought her home }

However we have NO idea what she is. 
You see Piper is a rescue dog & who we adopted at roughly three months of age. 
We were told when we adopted her that she was a 
Golden Lab mix & she'd keep growing toping off at roughly 40 lbs.  
But multiple trips to the vet for various shots & checkups later 
We are finding that may not be the case & everyone has an opinion on what she is... 
From Akita to Bulldog to Shar Pei to Pitbull to you name it, we've heard it!

So we did what any responsible pet parents 
who want to know how to best care for their puppy would do - 
We ordered a DNA test!

The Wisdom Panel DNA test for dogs
 supposedly is sensitive enough 
to detect for more then 170 breed variations. 
So assuming Piper has at least a bit of one or more of those
 170 breeds in her cute lil' DNA we should be able to find out her breed mix
in just a few short weeks via a simple cheek swab! 

We are very excited to know our Piper Dog better.
 It will really help us to determine why she is the way she is 
& what our expectations for her should & should not be.

{ Piper Dog now... 2 months later }

Stay tuned... 
We are doing the cheek swabs tonight 
& sending them out for testing tomorrow!


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