Thursday, January 28, 2010

Message Cookies.

I wish I had thought of these Message-in-a-cookie cutters... 
But thankfully Williams-Sonoma did!
How great is it that you can now personalize cookies any way you want 
& not just with icing but with actual impressions!?
Birthdays. Holidays. Weddings. Baby Showers...
Done. Done. Done. & Done!

{ First spotted on- Creature Comforts }



Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I must get me some! I have a fab idea on how to use them :) Thanks for posting about them!!

Do I over use exclamation points?

Dallas Shaw said...

oh wow. going to check this out right now

Nicole* said...

love it!

Ashley Lynn Fry said...

No worries - I think your usage of exclamation points was just perfect. Besides can you really ever have too many when you are excited!? :)

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