Thursday, January 21, 2010


I  want babies -BAD!
 There I said it out loud to the blog world- no point in hiding it really. 
The Husband knows this too... & he knows I really want boys
Not like I really have a say- 
a healthy baby will be more then fine but hey, a girl can dream right?
Anyway I want boys because I know they will look just like their daddy 
& the "baby b's" (blue eyed recessive gene) that we both have will take over
 & our babies will have amazing blue eyes kinda like this little guy -

{ Via }
Plus boys love their mommas & want to protect them 
& heck in some cases they even get tattoos on their arms that say "Mom"
Although I think the this shirt is a better alternative to a tattoo- at least while they are toddlers

Hmmmm - is it bad that I want to buy this shirt for my unborn child now
tee hee hee



vanessa joie said...

I want boys too - and after watching The Bachelor I want all boys. haha I love that shirt too.

Anonymous said...

Nicholas has this shirt. It no longer fits him, but I absolutely refuse to get rid of it.

And...on a side note...while I simple ADORE my girls, my boys have totally stolen my heart. Totally.

Arielle said... want babies.

Little nephews (or nieces) for me! :)

You Are My Fave said...

Lately every time I see a baby my stomach does a little leap. There's these little cardigans at Target right now that I'm tempted to by for a future child.

Fish Food Tees said...

He kinda reminds me of Tyler! Love it!

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