Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Help Haiti.

Ever since the news broke of the earthquake in Haiti
 I've been wondering "What can I do?"
Sure a dollar here & there donated on the back end of groceries 
& such adds up when combined with everyone else who donates
 but it just didn't seem like enough in the wake of such destruction...
Then today I found it - donate to specifically help provide clean drinking water!
Water is after all a very necessary thing for life is it? 
So imagine not being able to get access to clean water to drink!? 
Yikes. We are so lucky...
 I am loving that Population Services International is partnering 
with Network for Good to accept donations to provide 
PUR Water Purifying Sachets  to create clean drinking water.

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A single sachet only costs $0.10 a can purify up to 10 liters of water
So imagine, a $10.00 donation allows for 100 sachets...
which can result in 1000 liters of clean water!

---- > Please click HERE to donate < ----
(or on my new "Help Send Clean Water to Haiti" button over there --->)
PS- if you like these photos you can also head on over to Etsy 
& purchase the photos... all proceeds go towards Haiti Relief. 


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