Monday, January 25, 2010

I miss him.

I have loved this photograph from the moment I saw it...
& the first time I saw it was last year 
about a month into The Husbands deployment.
I identified with it - 
I was that girl & that boy hanging out of the train was my Lovie
It made me long for him & I cried a bit I missed him so much.

{ Via }
I'm finding myself missing him today too... 
although today it is a very different kind of missing
Today I'm just missing having him around,
 I'd gotten very used to the post deployment job search 
where he'd leave every few days for only a few hours 
to go on an interview & other then that we were together side by side 
on the couch using our computers for various things 
& watching Law & Order: SVU re-runs
eating breakfast for lunch because we'd gotten up late 
& having cheese & champagne munchies or ordering pizza.

Le sigh
I should really stop complaining...
 at least he isn't in a combat zone & he will be home in a few hours. 
But I do miss him.

Who are you missing today?



Post Grad Hair Cut said...

I miss my boyfriend everyday. It is so nice to know I'm coming home to him.

Angie said...

i must steal this pic as well! I got all teary eyed. I miss Kev an hour, weeks, or months... it does not matter how long that special someone is gone for you still miss them that much more.

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