Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Weekend.

Happy Weekend!
Don't you just love this photo?
It certainly makes me smile!

{ Via }

The house hunt continues this weekend... 
last I checked we were planning on viewing 15 properties - whew!

What are you up to this weekend? Fun things I hope



Nicole* said...

So cute! I saw an adorable picture of a dog today too - he was wearing a green bow tie!
cute blog :)


Happy 2010! I just stumbled upon your virtual chronicle and absolutely love your world view.

If you get a chance, swing by and say hello. I would love to hear about all your wants, musings, and distractions. Thank you darling and wonderful blog, I will be back regularly.

abigail said...

so cute!
Good luck with the house hunt.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with this poochie!

And the house hunt? How goes it?! We MUST meet up soon to chat!

Love you both!

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