Monday, January 25, 2010

Vintage Broach Bouquets.

Yes I said bouquets made up of vintage broaches- 
how unique &  down right magnificent!
Fantasy Floral Designs makes these amazing bouquets...

{ Via }

Just think- You could really personalize your bouquet because 
Fantasy Floral will add pieces that mean something to you...
your grandmothers broach
your mothers earrings
your grandfathers tie-tack
& your fathers cuff links
Personally I think the best part is - they aren't real flowers so they won't die! 
You'll have your bouquet forever which is amazing & oh so special.

hmmm maybe I can convince The Husband to marry me again just so I can have one made.



Nicole* said...

beautiful! I love the colors :)

Amy_mdashing said...

Oh! What a lovely find!

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