Friday, January 22, 2010

What a morning.

This morning at 6 am the husband regretfully woke me up:
The Hub -  "Ummm babe, I'm sorry but you have to get up."
Me - "Why?"
The Hub - "Ummm the dog pooed ALL OVER the kitchen & I'm running late."
Me - "Ugh, can't we just call hazmat?"
I reluctantly got out of our warm bed 
& approached the kitchen 
He wasn't kidding... 
I'm not lying when I tell you, it was like World War Poo 
in our kitchen where Piper Dog stays gated over night.
Not only was there one poo there were two poos & pee 
which she had walked thru about a dozen times to top it off. 
  • A bath
  • 3 bath towels
  • 2 rolls of paper towels
  • A container of clorox wipes
  • A box of swiffer mop wipes
  • Lots of febreeze refresher spray
  • 2 candles burning 
  • A shower for me
  • A load of laundry 
  • & 90 minutes later I was done
& I didn't even vomit which The Husband was pretty sure I would-
(I'm SO ready for kiddos!)
 tee hee hee

Needless to say I've learned my lesson - no more granny smith apples for Piper Dog.
(I was feeding her the edges as I made an apple pie last night)
Good thing she is cute & I *heart* her tons
On a side note - she needed a bath anyway 
& now I have an excuse to go to Target...
to buy more cleaning supplies of course. 

How was your morning? Better then mine I hope!



Bridget said...

your dog is so cute (God made them that way just so we'd forgive them after such activities).

we have a naughty dog too... gotta love em.

naturally nina said...

sorry, but this post is hilarious! :) love the way you told the story.

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