Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No Words.

{ The Husband & myself... yesterday morning.  Mobile phone photograph. Hence the poor quality.}

Yep. Tis' true.
 There are no words to describe how amazing it feels to be wrapped up in his arms.
We were just discussing yesterday that this will be the first full 
summer The Husband will be spending at home since 2006.
 Crazy. Puts a lot of things into perspective for sure.

Which also reminds me, I need to slow down. I need to breathe.  
I need to take in all the wonderful little moments that surround me 
& sometimes I need to just forget all the things that need to be done. 

Even if it is only for a few minutes.
 I need to be more grateful to just wake up, 
every morning, alive, healthy,  breathing...  next to him. 



hip hip gin gin said...

Gorgeous photo, and such a lovely sentiment! Hope you enjoy your summer to the fullest.

holly e. said...

cute photograph! hope you two have a great summer together

Sarah from 20somethingcupcakes said...

Beautiful post. It's the simple things... xxSAS

Ashley Lynn Fry said...

Thanks ladies!


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