Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kitchen - Before & After.

Well it seems like a very long time ago now, that I mentioned the blue countertops 
in our kitchen & not knowing how to paint or decorate because of them. 
& since I've noticed that "before & after" is way more fun when you 
can see both next to each other, I decided to include both, just for you. 

Ready? Ok! 
Here is what we came up with...
As  much as we wanted to get rid of the blue countertops we realized 
they are simply in too good of shape (almost new) to replace any time soon. 
So we kept them & after what seemed like 100000+ (ok I over exaggerate)
paint swatches, thanks yet again to one of my fave ladies, Martha Stewart 
we were able to settle on a paint color, Rainwater for the backsplash 
We still don't understand why there is a cubby of sorts with no door on it to the left there. 
We are working on coming up with a solution for that...  Any suggestions my lovebugs?

I also still need to make cafe curtains for the windows but I haven't found a fabric I like yet. 
I'm looking for something light & airy (possibly sheer) with a slight pattern & maybe reds, teals, oranges 
& such to match our dishes & glassware. Suggestions welcome on that bit as well, my dears! 
I have no "before" photographs of this side of the room. But trust me when I say it was just a blank, dirty white wall.
 So this is definitely a welcomed change.  In case you were wondering, we again chose a Martha Stewart Living
paint color, Bakery Box White to coordinate with our backsplash & window wall color.

 Oh & I'd be remiss if I failed to mention that we are in LOVE with our custom built corner cabinet,
 book nook above& trim all done by The Husband's very talented Uncle. We are so lucky! (Thanks Uncle Bob!)

So please do tell me, my lovebugs, what do you think?



Anonymous said...

That little cubby would be perfect to house your favorite cook books!

Fish Food Tees said...

The comment about using the cubby for your cookbooks is a good idea! :] I really love what you did to the kitchen! It looks like you picked out the counters yourself! Great work!

Becca said...

I agree - cookbooks! Or, chopping boards, oven gloves and other kitchen linens, storage for reusable grocery bags.

I love that you've embraced the blue - it looks beautiful with the mid-shade.

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