Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Living Room - After.

First things first,  I have to apologize. 
It has taken way longer than I anticipated to post
 "After" photographs of our home. Sorry, lovebugs!

So if you'd like to re-vist what it looked like "Before" head on over here

Ok so, ta-da! Here is the "After" of our living room...
I'm still in the process of decorating & I'm not totally in love with the mantel
 or the shelf above the television so let's just say those are works in progress. 

I also still have to paint the interior of the fireplace.
We decided on a beautiful mocha color called "Hot Stone" 

So what do you think? 
Any suggestions for our mantel & such?
I'd love to hang a mirror up there but unfortunately
 the wall angles back towards the chimney so it doesn't really work. 
Maybe a grouping of smaller vintage mirrors in various shapes & sizes would... 



Becolorful said...

I am liking this a lot. Are you keeping the one orange wall because I am feeling that pop of color. Everything looks so updated and fresh.
Maybe another piece with some height on the mantel.
Totally loving it.

Barbara said...

Love the orange wall. I used to have the same color in my old living room!

Ashley Lynn Fry said...

Thanks ladies! Yes we are keeping the pop of color wall... it is actually a deep red color called "Calico" but in the photographs due to the lighting & our lamp shades it looks orange which is ironic because that was the original color the whole room was. Tee hee hee but now all of the original orange is gone...



Sarah said...

I LOVE the colors you chose -- it really turned out beautifully!

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