Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh Rue, I will miss you!

Another one of my favorite golden ladies passed on to the sunny lanai in the sky yesterday... 
Rue McClanahan who played the sassy Blanche Devereaux on my favorite show
 of all time The Golden Girls, died yesterday at the age of  76 from a stroke. 

Chuckle if you must but I do seriously love every single one of these ladies, particularly Bea Arthur.

Not to remove any of the spotlight from Rue, but I'm not even slightly kidding 
when I say Bea was my hero & I was very upset when she passed away last year... sigh. 

Anywho, I'm kind of at a loss for words now that Rue has passed as well
 so let's just watch two of my favorite clips from the show featuring Miss Rue McClanahan...

& because in my personal opinion, no Golden Girls post would be 
complete without my favorite scene of all time (& Bea's too!) here you go...
I will miss you Rue!
But thankfully I'll still be able to find you along with the rest of
the girls somewhere on cable as the episodes continue to run in syndication.

Now I am off to put on my "Stay Golden" T-shirt & watch my DVD box set of season one...


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StealingHappyHours said...

maybe that will be us oneday :)love you GG

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