Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rocker Love.

I don't know specifically what this lovely lil' rocker is called but oh, my! 
As soon as I spotted it my heart fluttered & I instantly wanted one & I am not even pregnant.

Maybe, just maybe, someday I'll find someone will be able to build one for me.
It would be just lovely to have don't you think?



Platform said...

I like it, but I think I would change the color to not look so sterile, right? But despite color, very cute!

Fish Food Tees said...

Psst...Blaine could probably make it for you! :)

Ashley Lynn Fry said...

@platform - yes I could see changing the color... good idea.

@Fish Food Tees - oh man I totally forgot that Blaine does woodworking! Well maybe someday I'll have to ask him to make me one ;)


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