Friday, June 18, 2010

Reel Mower Love.

Have you ever heard of a reel mower?
 Perhaps not.  (Most people I know never have.)

In my family we've been talking about them since I can remember. 
 The talk of reel mowers mainly came up because my grandfather always used to 
tell a story of mowing the lawn when he was a boy (in the 1920's), the mower jamming 
& accidentally cutting off the tip of his finger trying to fix it, which a chicken then ran away with! 

Ack! True story, I swear! He had the tip of his finger missing to prove it...
Anywho, we now have a reel mower & I absolutely love it! Why, you ask?
No need to go to the gym because it is a great work out...
No need to get gas for a mower because it is human powered...
No loud engine noise because it just rotates quietly...
Plus when you are finished you feel uber amounts of accomplishment.
 Hard work is a good thing! Trust me it is awesome! 

Granted if you have a huge yard I don't really recommend it but for a teeny yard 
or just a small patch of grass in the front of your home it is absolutely perfect. Plus it is FUN!
(At least I think so, just watch your fingers & be on the look out for hungry chickens. Tee hee hee.)
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To read some more about reel mowers head on over here or here.
Or to get one of your own here is a good option.



the southern hostess said...

Great idea! Love these.

Anonymous said...

I had a reel mower at our last home and loved it!

Jelina Roy said...


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I myself have bought one of the Best Reel Mowers, so that I can give my garden a new look and also help readers give right ratings and reviews about reel mowers.

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