Monday, June 14, 2010

Saturday Shootin'.

This past Saturday we went shootin' with The Husband's family 
& since I don't have a gun of my own yet, I brought the camera as my main thing to point & shoot...
{ The Sister-in-Law & I goofin' with our eye & ear pro. }
{ Shooting & loading the shotgun. }
{ Shooting the revolver. }

It was a good day & I had a lot of fun!
The Husband & The Father-in-Law are both very skilled with guns being as they are both
 military men so it was really interesting to learn from them & to watch them as well.
 I tried really hard to get a photograph of a clay bird being shot into pieces
 but my camera just isn't fast or fancy enough... maybe next time. 


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Beatriz said...

This is great!! I have tried skeet shooting before... HOT MESS. The rifle was so heavy!! I was all over the place. I've done the shooting range with a hand gun. Haha, seriously, who am I??? That was so much fun.

Girls who play outside of the box are so much more fun, don't you think? ;)


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